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Wherever you live in the world, one of the services that are in constant demand is that of a taxi driver. If you enjoy driving and are safe and responsible behind the wheel, a career as a self-employed taxi driver could be the perfect option for you. There are two types of taxi that you could choose to drive, either white cabs or black cabs.
If you are looking to work as self-employed within an existing firm, the best thing you can do is directly approach the firms in your local area. In contrast, if you have your own black cab and are working by yourself, you’ll be able to find work by driving around some of the most populous areas to ensure that your cab is always near any prospective customers. No matter how you choose to work, you’ll need to be flexible and have an open mind when it comes to working hours.
At Futurelink Group we are experts in payroll and accountancy solutions, so if you are ready to become self-employed, our friendly experts can help guide you through the process.
With the comprehensive solutions that are available from Futurelink Group, getting your career as a self-employed taxi driver up and running couldn’t be easier.

As a taxi driver, you are considered self-employed if you set your own hours and no one supervises how you do your job.
Rent or Lease PaymentsThe money you pay as a taxi driver to rent your taxi from a fleet is tax deductible.
InsuranceYour insurance expense should not include health insurance, but if you have to pay insurance for your taxi, you can deduct it. MembershipsIf you are a member of a trade organization, union or association related to driving a taxi, you can deduct the expense of membership. CommentsFor more information about the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) assessment for taxis, look at the Government’s Business Link website. So it is essential that you complete the required training and qualifications in order to become a fully licensed taxi driver. However, sometimes you could find yourself with the odd rowdy intoxicated or just generally disruptive passenger. One of the main appeals for people using a taxi rather than public transport is efficiency.

Some taxi drivers opt to buy their cars outright whilst others prefer to lease them on a weekly or monthly basis.
Ask them if they are looking for a driver and tell them about any relevant experience you have. This may include not only your taxi license but any extra charges you pay to have a special driver's license.
As a result, it is important to understand how to handle such situations appropriately so that you and your passenger arrive at the destination safely.
On the other hand, black cabs can be pre-booked, hailed from the street or picked up from a taxi rank.

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