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There are both healthy and satisfying ways to handle the many food cravings that pregnancy may bring to expectant mothers. Cravings for cheesy foods and milk products could be the body’s way of indicating there is a need for more calcium. If you are craving something salty, try reaching for a few salted nuts rather than reaching for that bag of potato chips.
Replacing your craving for a glazed fruit-filled pastry with some fresh fruit is a healthy option that still allows you to get the sugar you desire without consuming all those extra calories. Perhaps that craving for ice-cream can be satisfied with a lower calorie helping of yogurt. Try adding a little extra cheese on your turkey sandwich before ordering the cheesy fries you are craving.
This technique may not always eliminate your cravings for unhealthy foods, but chances are that at least some of the time, it will.
Be aware of your weight gain and the impact food cravings may have on this.[4] In today's society, with rising rates of overweight and obese women, excessive weight gain during pregnancy can be a concern. On average, you need to consume only 300 more calories per day during pregnancy than you did prior to pregnancy.[5] Although you are "eating for two," the second is a very small baby so the calorie requirements during pregnancy are not much different than prior to pregnancy. The average woman should gain between 20 to 35lbs during pregnancy.[6] However, it depends on your weight prior to pregnancy, so speak to your doctor if you want specific recommendations for your own weight gain during pregnancy.
If you experience cravings for non-food items on any consistent basis, it is best to see your doctor for further advice.

Most pregnant women experience at least one food aversion, or a new sense of repulsion at the very thought of a food they previously enjoyed.
Pregnancy hormones play a role, especially early in pregnancy when your body is positively flooded with them — and still getting used to them. You can't always fight this symptom, so just try to respond to cravings and aversions with reason.
Try to avoid going crazy with pregnancy cravings that do nothing for you nutritionally — even while you indulge them.
Give in to your cravings once in a while (though not for alcohol) — then eat well for the rest of the day. If food aversions during pregnancy are limiting your food intake, look for substitutes for the healthy foods you can't stomach right now. Food cravings during pregnancy are believed to be caused by hormonal changes that occur in the body. For example, while a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread may not be the healthiest sandwich choice, a craving for one may indicate a need for more protein in the diet, as peanut butter is high in protein. If you have a craving for something like cheesecake (or another sweet, for instance) that cannot be replaced by a healthier alternative, it is okay to have it once in a while. During pregnancy, obtaining the proper nutrients in your diet is key, not just for your own health but for the health of the growing baby inside of you. This way, if you are having a craving, before you reach for a slice of cake or a piece of candy, you can see if you can satisfy your hunger with one of your pre-made healthier snacks.

If weight gain is a concern for you, avoid cravings for desserts and high-fat foods (such as processed foods) or high-calorie foods (such as excessive carbohydrates). Here's what causes pregnancy food aversions as well as food cravings during pregnancy, and what you can do about them. This craving, known as pica, may be a sign of a nutritional deficiency, particularly of iron.
Also talk to your doctor about the newly FDA-approved drug Diclegis, which can relieve common early pregnancy symptoms related to nausea. Generally, the first trimester is when the majority of cravings occur, but it is not uncommon for those cravings to last for the duration of the pregnancy.
Finding ways to cope with overwhelming food cravings can be challenging for the mom-to-be, however, with some effort a healthy nutritional balance can be achieved. Yes, your body knows it needs vitamin C and calcium, but these days that may translate into a craving for a dish of Chunky Monkey with crushed Oreos, instead of a slice of cantaloupe and a glass of milk.

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