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When I was a kid, the thing I wanted to be when I grow up changed almost daily and there were so many possibilities, so many dreams that I had and I always just assumed that I would become everything. I think that was the moment I became a feminist even though I didn’t have the word for it at five years old.
It never once occurred to me that I was not going to have every career in the world, and it definitely never dawned on me that many Christians at my church believed that as as a Christian woman, my role was to be a wife and mother and nothing else.My parents were fully aware of my many ambitions and they never wanted to discourage me from my dreams.
I’m sure they were concerned about how I was planning on doing all of those things and getting married and having kids and of course, home schooling them.
She had a strong belief that you shouldn’t have kids and then send them off to someone else to raise them. They are lazy because they don’t want to take care of kids, they are only concerned with the status of their high powered careers and they don’t want pesky kids taking time away from that and they want all their money for themselves and don’t want to deal with the expenses of childcare.
Most importantly, they viewed faith as heritage and people who don’t want kids are not bringing another generation of faith into the world.

I was at a total loss for what I was supposed to do; if I don’t have kids I’m regarded by some as selfish, but if I have kids, I have to give up all of my dreams and home school them. Nobody ever wanted to discourage my dreams, but their ideas of what a good Christian is supposed to do with their lives made my dreams incompatible with what I thought it meant to follow God.One day it dawned on me that there was a way that I could do all of the things I wanted and still follow God. I felt that I had found the solution to all my problems and I didn’t think about it or worry about it until a few years later when I was trying to decide where I should go to college. I was about fifteen or sixteen and already thinking about it because I just knew it would be the most exciting thing in the world. He asked me if I really thought it was a good idea to spend thousands of dollars and several years of my life on an education that I wouldn’t end up using.
You did not just say that to me!” He explained that he wasn’t trying to imply that I wasn’t capable, just that I wouldn’t have time for a career when I am home schooling my children. I laughed about the misunderstanding and assured him that he didn’t have to worry about that because I would just marry a man who wants to home school the kids.

He told me that a man shouldn’t have to do that job, the woman is the natural caregiver and not only will a man not be good at that but it would emasculate him and eventually it would end up making him resent me and probably even want a divorce.I normally try to avoid being dramatic at all costs but the only words I can use to describe that situation was that something inside me died when I heard that. My will was broken and became depressed over the next several weeks and then I became angry.
I lived for years in silent, outwardly submissive rebellion and decided again that I wasn’t going to have children.
College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive.

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