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If you don’t know how to be happy when you’re by yourself, then you won’t be happy when you’re in a relationship. A little over a decade ago I thought I was going to marry my college sweetheart and become a young bride, which made it all the more devastating when happily ever after didn’t pan out. I simultaneously felt an aching need to fill in the hole where he’d been and an overwhelming sense of nausea at the thought of being with someone else.
In each case, I either burdened the guy with a body bag full of my fears and insecurities, or dragged it around myself wondering why dating felt so exhausting. I’m now in a peaceful, loving relationship, and I realize the journey to this connection had more to do with loving myself than finding him. While I by no means know everything, I feel the hard part isn’t knowing what makes a healthy, happy relationship, but actually applying that knowledge consistently.
So I’ve done something a little different to explore the different ideas that support healthy relationships. It seems like you can only have happy relationships if you can be happy with or without them.
Mutual adoration and acceptance of the differences that make each of you individuals are keys to a phenomenal relationship.
If you feel yourself focusing on everything someone appears to be doing wrong, ask yourself if there’s something else upsetting you.
If you feel like changing something about someone else today, ask yourself what change you can make in yourself instead. If there’s something you just can’t accept, ask yourself if you’re willing to walk away because of it.
Remember that it isn’t always happy, but get through those not so happy moments together or apart, whichever is needed. Notice when you’re projecting something onto the other person that has nothing to do with them, like a fear from a past relationship.
Recognize when you’re looking for that person to do something for you that you need to do for yourself, like make you feel lovable or take care of your needs.

If something’s on your mind, express it without implying the other person is responsible for your feelings. If you haven’t in a while, take time to do your own thing today—completely on your own or with friends. I think a lot of people associate doubts about their lives with doubts about their relationships. Sharing interests, respecting diferences, and being grateful for each other have been key in keeping our relationship going for 26 years. I have just come out of a relationship where the other person had to move to another country for work. When we broke up, I felt literally like I lost a limb, complete with phantom sensations of his hand in mine. I was highly unstable and insecure back then, and most of my relationships revolved around holding me up. No relationship with someone else can ever compensate for secretly believing you don’t deserve it. The best relationship is when you bring out the best in each other, and you are purely content when neither has anything to say.
Everything else can be forgiven, accepted, or put aside; however, values are the root of how we relate to all beings.
To strengthen your relationships, get her new book, Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges.
She’s made a ton of relationship mistakes, but I still believe she deserves the greatest love this world can offer her.
I’ve learned to open up more with my blogging this past year, and I appreciate the opportunity to do that.
I have been working on not taking things out on my boyfriend that are in reality things I am struggling with about myself.
I work on a lot of these things in my relationship, and I’m finding it helpful, particularly when it comes to acceptance and expectations.

I’m currently attempting to build a relationship with a guy and it comes with a lot of fear and also a lot of excitement.
I found an explicit email from a co-worker who had helped him through his rough patch with me some months before.
I told him that I am worried about him because whatever is making him unhappy is not going to go away with a divorce. If you’re not currently in a romantic relationship, a lot of these can still apply to the other relationships in your life. It’s more empowering and productive to show people how to treat us than to complain about what’s lacking. It seems that this is one of the keys to healthy relationships–loving ourselves even when it feels hard. I think they key to enduring happiness as a couple is to remember your time together is a choice, not a legal responsibility.
This post really helped me to remember some key things I want to do well if our relationship progresses. When and if he leaves, he will have more bills to pay, more headaches to deal with in being a single parent and it is all for nothing.
The best relationship between humans is the real loving one that assures enough space for the needs of each single individual. Love and freedom is the best combination, you can love a person deeply but cannot place a human being in a cage like some do with birds. If you go out and people look at your wife, lover or girlfriend feel happiness and comfort your soul because that means you have chosen a very attractive and sexy friend to share the best moments of your life.

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