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I was so upset by this video, I pray for that little baby often because as a mother of a 7 year old boy I understand the importance of pouring love and encouragement into a child. What we are failing to realize is that this 16 year old mother is a victim of her own upbringing. As a mother your job is to protect them and raise them right so they can get into the world and protect their self.
However, try to educate our brothers and sisters about not falling into the traps of -single parenthood, dealing with thugs, drug dealing, dropping out, being involved with crime and violence- then the villagers are viewed as judgmental or self haters.

However you can lose material things fast so try to stay humble because you know where you at today, but you dont know where you will be. It’s teen mothers like this girl that make teen parents who want to bring their child up right look bad. Even worse, just in October, the toddler in the video was hurt (a bullet grazed his foot) after someone fired shots into the family home and four other people there were injured.
In her mind she is trying to be a good mother to her child, but the environment that her own mother has her in…how is that possible.

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