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This also tells us that it’s critical to set only one goal (which is outlined in Focused Goals), instead of failing at many goals. Recently there’s been a trend that revolves around the belief that goal-setting is becoming worthless. We know that both sides have reached success; thus, success is not contingent upon setting explicit goals. Being that they speak with a tone of conviction, we can infer that they have a strong sense of who they are, what they stand for and where they’re going.
Looking at those who have succeeded, they’re not on the same page regarding explicitness. After pouring through the classic success books, studying zen principles, eastern philosophy and reading tech entrepreneurs biographies, I believe that we’re moving towards a model where conviction and simplicity trump belabored models. For the past five years, I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not visualization truly works. Fulfilling your dreams doesn’t center around making a huge list of goals or even getting anything in writing (explicitly). Step 3: Using your pencil, paint a picture of what you want your life to look like in five years. After you’re done with this exercise, peg it to the back of your mind and recall upon this picture daily. If you make this a part of your life every single day, you’re going beyond goal-setting.
The focused goal centers not on doing any specific activity related to the one above; instead, it concerns itself with setting a simple actionable goal that is achieved within three months.
IMPORTANT: If you enjoyed this article, I'd like for you to experience much more by purchasing the book. I have a whiteboard behind my computer screen, and the first line written in whiteboard in big letters is the next goal I am trying to achieve.
Whether you’ve always dreamed of running a marathon, long to start your own business or aspire to see your name in lights, we all have ambitions and goals in life. Most of us have hundreds of things on our wishlist of things we want to do, from losing our muffin top to buying our dream home. In order to get where you want in life, you need to understand exactly how you can get there, and the best way to do this is to ask those who know.
It may sound cheesy, but to achieve your goals in life you have to get in the right frame of mind, and that means believing you can do it.
To help boost your motivation and stay on track towards your goal, it can help to share your ambitions and tell people about your goal. It can be easy to get so caught up in day-to-day life that there’s no time to strive for anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes, no matter how much background research you do, how many hours you put in and how meticulously you plot your route to success, things just don’t quite go to plan.

While rewarding your progress and striving towards mini goals is a great way to stay motivated towards your overall dream, if you still find yourself feeling disillusioned from time to time it is important to remind yourself why you want to achieve this goal.
Growing up, we hear from others that in order to succeed you should set explicit, written goals. Jason Fried doesn’t need to write down goals to gain a sense of conviction, but Joe Cirulli (and most people) need to explicitly outline their goals. In order to make your dreams a reality, I’ve outlined five stages below, which I feel serve as an organic process for achieving goals. Instead, it revolves around triggering that vision in your mind, and then generating the belief that you know for certain that you’ll achieve it one day.
Before beginning, make sure you eliminate any distractions or objects that may divert your attention. Do this through words, a list, a blue-print of your house, of your office, of your charity, your nonprofit or anything else that comes to you.
Time is a valuable commodity.  To determine the value of achieving my goal I must be sensitive to the amount of time it takes to achieve it. However, often we don’t feel good enough, lucky enough or talented enough to get what we want, so too often our dreams go unrealised.
However, if you want to effectively tackle an important goal, it is important not to overload yourself and to go after one ambition at a time, starting with the goal most important to your overall happiness.
Whatever your ambition, there is bound to be someone out there who has already achieved it, and their advice and experience could prove invaluable.
However, this better time may never come, and in actual fact the best time to start chasing your dreams is right now. Confidence in yourself and your abilities can get your far, and setting out with a positive mind set is important.
The more people you tell the more committed to the goal you will be, and the more people you will have to help you. However, the key to achieving your goals is to be flexible and ready to come up with a plan B (or C or D) when this happens. I believe that those who make an effort to master the concept of focus have a greater propensity to take action, succeed and have a meaningful impact on the world.
And last, we’ll outline the organic process of painting a picture for your subconscious. Because if you achieve two goals, and fail at four goals, your dopamine will be drained, and you’ll feel angry, fear or like a failure.
What pushed me over the edge into becoming a believer was not science (though, science does make a strong case for visualization working); what made me seriously look into visualization was actually touching the Ferrari of an entrepreneur I know. But first, you must audit your dreams and your gifts in order to better understand which goal to set. Anyway, the development is going on full speed and I’ll release it as soon as I feel it is ready to go mainstream.

To make sure your aspirations don’t remain a distant dream, check out these 10 steps for achieving your goals. Browse the internet, take a course, read books on the subject and get in contact with people who have achieved your goal.
However, while many of us start out brimming with confidence, setbacks and perceived failures can soon diminish this, so it is important to take measures to stay motivated. Not only can friends and family offer you support when you need it, but they may be able to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities and people who can help you to achieve your goal. Rather than focusing fixatedly on minor setbacks in your plan, try to formulate several backup plans to help you bounce back from any setback and stay on track towards your ultimate goal. In fact, dopamine is a key ingredient in diagnosing ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder); as some forms of ADHD are the result of irregular dopamine levels and reactions.
I realize that sounds materialistic, but seeing a Ferrari pull up with an entrepreneur that was working in a factory five years earlier, and through visualization achieved his dreams, was the thing that really woke me up.
By getting a clear of understanding of how others have achieved the same ambition, you will be well equipped to follow in their footsteps. Write down your plan of action – what you want to achieve and how you can get there, step by step.
Reward yourself and take pride in every little achievement, and remember that everyone who has achieved anything difficult has had little setbacks from time to time, so don’t let this take away from your successes. Also, if you know someone else who is striving for the same goal, sharing your experiences and offering each other support is an even better way to boost your motivation. Write down all the things currently clogging up your schedule and then identify those things you can cut back on.
Also, evaluate what it is that is stopping you from going after your goal (such as lack of time or financial restraints) and see how you can work around these things.
You can also maximize your time by getting up earlier or using your lunch hours more effectively. If you do find along the way that you have forgotten why you want your goal at all, then perhaps this is a good time to reassess your goals and strive for a new ambition. He held the picture in the back of his mind and knew that one day he would achieve that vision.
I mean, I have those holy crap moments in the middle of the night thinking things through and having a problem and being concerned about something but I’ve learned through time, I can solve it.

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