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While a much younger me would think my current life was boring, that younger me was also bored at times. One thing I’ve found through simplifying my possessions is an appreciation for the mundane aspects of my life. If I can appreciate the simple things in my life, if I can enjoy them, that’s what matters. I wish my life were more boring so I could do all the interesting things I want to do–and have space in which to savor them.
It took me many years to realize that the only thing I was missing out on was the opportunity to truly experience my own life. I panicked at first, certain the my life had lost meaning, that I needed to justify my existence to others by filling up every possible hour of it with activities that seemed relevant and legitimate. I forgive myself for believing sometimes I’d rather be bored than deal creatively and imaginatively with my life and problems. I forgive myself for believing I can’t simply be content with my life without boredom being an issue. I forgive myself for believing it’s better to be bored than to take risks and be creative. I give others permission to forgive me when I don’t choose the better story and them complain about being bored.
I give others permission to forgive me for not being an example of imagination and creativity in their life.
Without these feelings of being bored, I am free to have a fun and fulfilling and exciting life. Without these feelings of being bored, I am free to feel all the good stuff of life no matter where I am or what I do. Without these feelings of being bored, I am free to experience the divine wherever I am and wherever I go.
If you’re bored at home because no one else is there, or because it is too quiet, then take this quiet time to look inward and reconnect with yourself.
Whether you tackle the whole house, a certain room, or a kitchen drawer, cleaning can help focus your mind onto a task, remove boredom, and make your home more enjoyable to live in. Yes, you could go shopping, but you have to deal with a bunch of people when you do that, and your boredom may turn into frustration.
I’m think animals are the cutest things, and watching them be silly can help you to de-stress, laugh, and improve your mood from boredom to (at least) contentment.

When you’re bored online, Yahoo Answers offer a continuous stream of questions that you can easily answer. I’ve worked at some jobs where my work was done within hours and I was faced with hours of nothingness to do. Doing those extra things not only filled in the time, but made me feel more productive at the end of the day. When you’re bored at work, it could mean that your job is not challenging you enough.
If you feel like you have to stay because of commitment, such as kids, a shared home, or pets, you have to know that nothing is reason enough to stay unhappy in life. For example, if you are bored because your partner never takes you out anymore, take action and create a special night per week that is dedicated to the two of you.
The life of a mostly stay-at-home-mother might sound boring, and yes, it is filled with a lot of mundane and repetitive tasks, but for me at least, I’m never bored. And the difference between the two has lead me to spend less, save more and enjoy the my life as it is right now. You hear so many stories of people not realizing many things until they were forced in some way to have down time. That having a simple and kinda mundane may be boring from the outside but it does not mean the one living it is bored. When you find purpose in every minute of your life, you will be happier, reduce stress, and possibly add years to life.
Just to name a few benefits: stress reduction, deeper sense of purpose, more clarity, reduction in pain, and – oh yeah, boredom relief! Because you want to lift your mood from boredom, it is a much better idea to do something that will be positive, like going for a walk and breathing in the air, listening to nature, smelling the flowers, etc. Inside of the present moment, there is happiness, joy, and contentment – not boredom!
Boredom that comes from not wanting to do anything might be your body’s way of telling you that you need some rest. It literally took away my problem and helped me wake up with a refreshed mind ready to take on the world – or at least not be so negative! According to Feng Shui, there is a flow of energy (qi) in the house, and by rearranging your furniture, you may help the energy flow better and harmonize yourself with your environment giving you some energy to do something productive. Some questions are serious, and you could possibly help someone change their life; however, many of the answers are urgent, but not really serious.

They appreciate the help, and you appreciate the fact that you contributed to their life in some way.
Plus it is a great way of exercising too, and making sure that you are not complacent and stagnant in your life. I used to feel lazy to do meditation too, but once I started doing it I realized that it gave me more energy than not! I’m content with and fascinated by things I once thought mundane like having a family no-spend day once a week. Please note, this does not mean I don’t get bored with some of my repetitive tasks like mopping out the bottom of our fridge every week from the condensation build up. Sure, not being busy may be boring if you’re used to be overscheduled and overworked.
Get creative and come up with some goals that will make your home a place that you could never be bored at. I have the full 12 months of meditation, and I can tell you that even with my neighbors banging and my thoughts racing, I still get into the meditation when I use it. I have often come away from a fiction book with new ideas for my life and interesting thoughts to meditate on.
The problem is that most of us are lost in text now with our friends, which causes many of the one-on-one benefits to disappear.
It is amazing how re-energized you can feel after a nap – even if it is just for a few minutes.
You can also find some part time jobs when you are bored, just to expand your opportunities in life. She left her husband and worked on ending that intimate connection with him and building a new life for herself. All I lack is a large group of know-it-alls to argue with about everything I’ve read. I spend days with my cats, pondering whether I should finish my novel or head to the train station and get lost in a new neighborhood.

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