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It’s All About Planning— a tutorial on how to make a meal plan to help you stick to your diet, your budget, or both! The DASH Diet Cookbook–The DASH Diet is an eating plan with the primary goal of reducing blood pressure through a low-sodium, magnesium- and calcium-rich diet.
The Breakfast Equation— A discussion of how to choose foods for a satisfying and nutrition-packed breakfast. Like any project, trying to create a long-term plan for what you will eat can seem overwhelming.
Once you start writing it down, you might realize you are eating the same few meals most of the time.
As you begin your menu planning adventures, inevitably you will discover ways to do things better.

This post is a check-in with information on how to calculate your fluid needs and how to track it. Here is a brief introduction to fiber, plus a list of high-fiber foods and how to eat them. If you need ideas, ask your kids, spouse, or roommates for ideas, and soon you will have more meal ideas that you know what to do with. Perhaps most days you would like a set schedule, but need a quick go-to meal in the event things change. Do this the night before your trash is taken out, and you will be able to clean the fridge, avoid wasting food, and let everyone have their favorite meal over again all at once. Create the menu around the food pyramid, making sure that you include vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein at each meal.

Then create a meal plan that includes a few “extra” flex meals that can be thrown together in a few minutes, if need be.
If you plan out portion sizes, shopping will get easier as you know how much of each thing to purchase. If you can do this consistently for one year, you will have a full year of menus, and then you can stop planning altogether – your menu is set for life unless you want to change it just for fun, or to make adjustments for changes in your family.

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