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I began to stop thinking about my loss of love and started to think about how lucky I was to have experienced love. Its taking me years and I realized after about 5 that letting go for me is that this person cannot have anything to do with my life any more.
I am in my second marriage but unlike the first, I recognize that regardless of how I want things to be I can only control myself and my choices, my husband is free to make his own choices in life.
Thank you so much for sharing your very kind thoughts:) It is amazing how just a little time outdoors can restore us. Sometimes no matter how hard you try the relationship isn’t allowed to be ended in care and working together to kindly do it. I really understand how you have felt Jewel, sounds like we share similarities in our experiences.

Free of the idea of attachment and permanence, we are able to see the simple beauty of this moment, now. Just allowing ourselves to see the good in every situation, brings us gratitude and often a healthy release of attachment. The call never came, my love letter did not arrive in the mail, the “here I am on your doorstep” never occurred. We can not control the way the wind blows in our lives but we certainly do makes choices around how we experience it. I have taken that and let it be a guide for me in how I interact with people in all my relationships. I do think though as long as you can honor you, your feelings and let them come and go that is a good start.

However, impermanence is a fact of life and sometimes people just drift on for whatever reason.
It is human and a wonderful thing to love, however when we do love with an expectation of something in return we have now attached our happiness to the outcome of that expectation. Having experienced depression, letting those negative things we tell ourselves take over is a very slippery slope.

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