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A soul mate relationship can be like a relationship with any other, you get what you give, and never make excuses or put up with those who demean or abuse you. Whenever we decide that what we want has to come to us in a specific way, we close off all the other avenues through which it can come.
I know it’s hard to let go of the idea that a man you have major feelings for might not be the one.
I read a lot about “soul connections”, aka soulmates and Twin Flames and although the idea of a soulmate who is like the perfect one for you and only you sounds really romantic, to be honest, a lot of what I read sounded painful and horrible! I want to know what is the growth I need to spur, because for the life of me, I can’t fathom. I can’t thank you enough for diving into this post, when I first read through the blog post I had no idea that it was in fact ME who asked this question! This is totally me and SO HARD to break out from because true love is what I want the most in life (I know, I’m a hopeless romantic, lol). Without knowing this work, I used to see myself as a Goddess in ancient mythologies and I attracted people and lovers who saw me this way.

I know with total certainty that if I were really ready for a relationship, I’d meet or recognize the right man in a heartbeat.
It seems like we’re fine using LOA in the other parts of our lives, but no, the Universe cannot possibly handle this relationship for me. We desperately want him to be the one, we can’t conceive of the idea that he might not be. So this feels like love in the beginning and it feels so good that some of us forget to just wait and see, get to know the person for who they really are, not who we want them to be. Knowing that it’s me that’s not a match yet gives me all the power, and that feels great! I have a lot of fine tuning to do, as I was fixated on the idea of this one person being my soulmate, I believe I knocked myself out of alignment even more than before because things started going way downhill in the romance department. We can have the carrot, the universe is not a mean trickster, a hustler like our small self ego, if we reach for the carrot we can have it. I now think that we probably have multiple soulmates, so there’s not just one person.

When we make someone or something else our God and imbue them with the power to make everything OK, we not only disempower ourselves but we send a strong message to the universe that we’re actually not ready to meet any person or circumstance that can honestly reflect our true brilliance. When you’re loving yourself and treating yourself in this way, just think how high a vibrational match would have to be! We tell the universe we can only deal with people, things and situations that reflect our smallness and don’t push us outside of our comfort zone. If you can see this man for who he is in your reality, as someone who has come into your world to show you where your vibration is currently at and help you to fine tune it, and if you can let go of the idea that it MUST be him, and could potentially be someone else, and then create a positive expectation (look forward to the relationship you are creating, as if it’s a done deal that it will happen), you will continue to align more and more with what you want. So now it’s not about manifesting what we want, but rather having a really nice thing waved in front of you and then pulled away just when you think you might actually like to grab it, so that you can grow. I suppose something in him attracted me but we can’t have been a mutual vibrational match because then we would be together!

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