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Getting confidence is one thing, getting your confidence back is a substantially different one.
If you can start building momentum again by making a small series of wins, you will find your self becoming more and more confident in the bigger problems you need to overcome. It may be easier to get confidence back than to get it for the first time, but it still not easy.
As you act as if you were confident, since your mind already has a memory of such behavior, it will begin to elicit that same state of confidence associated with that behavior.
In many ways it can be just as hard to get confidence back as it is to get it in the first place; knowing what you can achieve but having mental blocks in place that hinder you can be incredibly frustrating.
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After a nervous breakdown, I am having a difficult time regaining even a portion of that confidence back.

I love your blog and think it’s going to help a great many people in terms of confidence.
If you guys want super help in the confidence department, you should check out this ebook that’s selling like hotcakes. And once you start feeling more confident, you can start working on other aspects of your self-confidence. The good news if you used to be confident is that you already have a way of thinking somewhere in your head that boosts confidence. Past visualization is also a wonderful tool for discovering your past ways of thinking that created confidence.
The better you can remember that positive state of confidence you had, the more you can leverage it. One of the perks of having had confidence in the past is that you also behaved confidently.

What you do is think about a specific situation in the past when you felt very confident even if now you may lack confidence in similar situations. Learning how to get your confidence back is a matter of using the right tools and wisely using the past to rejuvenate the present. Very good article – straight, to the point, and I can relate with my own experiences on confidence.

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