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If you are worried about your account security, you can have Microsoft ask you to make you change your password every 72 hours. Do not trust any site that claims to have a toll-free number to recover your account password.
In the worst case, a weak Hotmail password can be cracked by nefarious personnel and be used to steal your identity and gain access to other personal or financial accounts. As stated, Microsoft’s security department recommends Windows Live or Hotmail passwords be changed at intervals of no more than 90 days.
Step 5 – Select the “Change” menu option located beneath the password reset information heading. Step 6 – Enter your old password and then input a new password in the appropriate text field on the subsequently displayed dialog box.
One of the common traits with modern web browsers is that they allow the end-user to cache or save passwords to commonly used sites such as the Windows Live or Hotmail log-in page.
Step 2 – Select the “Forgot your password” link that is located beneath the password text field on the Windows Live log-in screen.
Step 4 – Microsoft will then email the password changing procedure details to you alternate email address. I spent AGES trying to find the password change option and failed, and I’m a systems analyst.
Hi there, forgot my password and I am trying to reset it using the instructions you have provided. Despite writing to Hotmail regarding my email which has been hijacked by a third person who sent an email representing hotmail demanding my username and password and threatening that failure to submit the details would result in termination of my account, I did not get any response from you.
When I try to change my password it tells me I have to put in a bunch of other information including a credit card number. Thank you for your help, I want to change my password for security reasons, I’ve ahd it for 5 years old.

That means that anything else that uses a Microsoft account, such as Windows 8, SkyDrive, or Skype, will need to have the new password entered the next time you log in.
If you have another email address attached to your account, you can have the password reset link sent to that email address. In today’s digital age, one of the first steps in this process is gaining access to the legitimate email address and password of computer users. As a result, if email passwords or other personal information that can be used to help hackers seed a password cracking program are sent in an email, it can be used to gain access to an individual’s Hotmail account. When you change the password for a Hotmail account, it will change the password for all of the Windows Live services.
Unfortunately, when someone creates a strong password for their Hotmail account and then relies on this feature to save their password it can be forgotten. Then, enter the new password along with a confirmation entry followed by clicking the “Continue” button. It’s no secret that Hotmail and many other online accounts rely on a secret question or series of secret questions to allow a person to reset their Hotmail or other account password(s). At this stage you might be prompted to authenticate yourself by supplying your current password. You can change your password from your account settings or you can have your password reset if you can't remember it. He loves to review new edits in Recent Changes Patrol, write new articles, and connect with other editors and authors as a Welcomer. This email address along with the password entered at registration is used to access Hotmail from any computer that has an active Internet connection without having to download to the client computer.
Cyber criminals have been found to use sophisticated tools that can crack passwords created from dictionary words found in any language, words spelled backwards, abbreviations, and look for keyboard sequences or repeated characters. Typically they will use social networking sites to obtain various pieces of personal information that can be used to crack weak Hotmail and other email account passwords.

Whether due to the over-reliance of the web browser cache, or just having a bad memory; another common task for Hotmail users to recovering a forgotten Hotmail password.
In targeted cracking attacks, Cyber crooks will make use of personal information to include your name, driver’s license number, passport information, birthday, and Mother’s maiden name to either crack your password or attempt to gain access through fake password reset attempts. Once access to the email account is gained, the criminal or hacker can then proceed to use the information collected from social networking accounts to seed password cracking software to hack into a user’s account. Chances are that eventually the person will state or give up the answer in some fashion without realizing they are being targeted for email and potentially identity theft. Once the information has been provided, the phisher or hacker can then change the password without the targeted people’s knowledge until significant damage can be accomplished. A common task that arises for consumers that use the service is determining how to change a Hotmail password to adhere to good security practices or if the password has been forgotten. Finally, Hotmail passwords should be changed on average at least every 90 days if not more frequently. Many times a hacker will even use this access to change the email address associated with these types of critical accounts so that the person having their access stolen doesn’t realize the theft has occurred for a longer period of time. This information can be harvested and analyzed for passwords and other sensitive information in a passive manner without the knowledge of the person or people who send the email. The best countermeasure that Hotmail users can employ against keyloggers besides keeping up-to-date antivirus software loaded on their home and work computers is to adhere to the Microsoft recommended policy of routinely changing their Hotmail and other account passwords.
Microsoft provides a free password checker utility that can be used to evaluate a Hotmail password’s strength automatically. As a result, an individual can have an extremely long or strong password and still be susceptible to having their Hotmail or other email password or login stolen.

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