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In this article we present three useful confidence-boosting mantras from three well-known figures. As well as sharing the mantras, we will tell you a little about their origins, and why the people who came up with them are people to believe in.
This mantra is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, the famous Hindu who led India to independence.
This is a particularly good mantra for those times when you feel the world is wearing you down and you need the strength to be yourself. Danielle LaPorte, a famous Canadian author and motivational speaker, came up with this mantra. LaPorte differs from the other two figures mentioned here for the simple reason that she’s still with us!

This is a great mantra for anyone struggling to find the confidence to turn dreams into reality. Confidence is the key factor behind all your fashion takes; whether it’s a 6-inch pair of heels or cleavage-showing dress. Physically, trace a line up both sides of your ribs to where they meet, then descend straight down to hover an inch or so above your belly button.This is the part of the body that gets vilified for being too fat or gets ignored when we choose not to go with our gut feeling. The purpose behind this is by reciting the mantra several times, positive energy along-with intent is released. For instance, we take jobs we don’t really care for, stay in relationships we don’t genuinely love, and pretend to be someone different for everybody else. When you are truly confident in yourself, you need not explain, argue or make yourself heard through words.

I have chosen to be happy because it’s good for my health ~ VoltaireAs saints have told us being happy or sad is just a state of mind, so this motivational quote by Voltaire is truly the secret to happy life. Even it is up to you how you accept life.Voltaire had offered us this wise adage a century ago, but how genius he was to preach such an inspiring mantra for a healthy life. If you have long arms, like me, or tight shoulders, your top elbow might be bent a whole lot.Stay for six deep breaths, right into your Solar Plexus Chakra.

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