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But with Medicare's annual open enrollment window beginning today, her insurance agent is helping her add a new layer of protection for 2014.
Called "Extra Help,'' it's an oft-ignored part of Medicare that covers drug premiums, deductibles and copayments for people of modest means. About 10 million Americans and 650,000 Floridians received this Extra Help benefit in 2010, according to a study financed by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
Medicare's dreaded "doughnut hole,'' the period when drug costs shift from insurance plans to consumers, is being phased out by the Affordable Care Act. Some people know about Extra Help, "but are too proud to take it,'' said McDaniel, the Physicians United agent. These programs, administered through the states, have lower income and asset thresholds than the Extra Help program, with $15,756 being the highest qualifying income level for an individual. Some people on Medicare with very low incomes cannot, for various reasons, qualify for additional assistance from the Medicaid program.
But in some circumstances, a Medicare Savings Program might pay their Part A and B copayments and deductibles, along with their Part B premium.

The application for a Medicare Savings Program is more detailed than the one for Extra Help, and that frustrates some people, said Charles Franckle, Pinellas County coordinator for the SHINE program, which helps consumers sort through Medicare issues. For Extra Help, "we can go onto the Social Security website and help people sign up over the phone,'' Franckle said. Margaret Cross is delighted that her insurance agent is helping her sign up for Extra Help. If you need a doctor, the South Side Health Collaborative can help you find a one, even if you don’t have insurance. Click here for more information about health insurance and assistance plans for the uninsured in Illinois. Illinois Rx Card offers some discounts on medications for patients with any kind of insurance—including Medicare and Medicaid—and for patients who don’t have any insurance at all. This site will show you a map of your neighborhood, labeled with health centers, fitness centers, social services and much more! Once you’ve tried a number of these less expensive medications – with no luck – the insurance company finally agrees to pay for the medication initially prescribed by your doctor.

Here are some resources especially helpful for people living with diabetes on the South Side of Chicago. Print out your own discount card by clicking here and bring it to your pharmacist to see if you can get a discount on your medications.
If you need help paying for the gym, ask your doctor about getting a prescription for free exercise for 6 months. Levin currently has a long list of patients waiting to get their medicine approved through insurance companies.

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