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These foods do not lead to a blood sugar or energy “crash” like sugary or caffeinated food and drink. These foods also help make you feel full longer, which may help you avoid snacking on sugary foods. Try other methods of staying awake to rouse yourself fully after you wake from your nap so you don’t feel even more sleepy. The temperature changes from taking a warm shower then stepping out into cool air can also help you wake up. You may find it helpful to look back at your notes later if your mind was wandering during the meeting.
Studies suggest that the act of chewing can help prevent sleepiness, improve cognitive performance and attention, says Dr Toh. Retinal-related ConditionsGet answers to your questions on treatment that could help stop or slow existing conditions, while preserving or improving your vision. Whether you are trying to work, get through a day after a sleepless night, or recovering from travel, it is possible to help yourself feel awake, alert, and energetic without having to resort to using caffeine or other medications.

Pumping up the volume on your favorite jams and singing along will help you feel more awake.
While this may not help an immediate need for energy, if you have a chronic problem with feeling tired, eating a healthy breakfast every morning will help you feel more energetic. If you have been working by yourself, engaging in a conversation with another person can help wake up your mind. At times like these, reaching for a strong kopi or a caffeine-filled energy drink to stay awake seems the natural thing to do.
However, dropping the room temperature until it becomes chilled should help keeping you awake. Getting a good night’s sleep every night is the best long-term solution to chronic fatigue, but there are also many other methods to keep yourself awake and alert. The act of drinking water interrupts other work, which gives you a “mini break,” and hydration helps your body function smoothly, which helps you feel awake.
The active participation of taking notes will help keep you mentally engaged with the ideas, which will keep you more alert.

Watching a funny video clip or listening to a humorous story and laughing out loud at it will help you be more alert. If you’ve ever attended a conference in a freezing cold room, chances are the speaker wanted you to stay awake and alert, especially after lunch.
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