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Self-esteem, or the way that we feel about ourselves, is just one part of our emotional make-up. Having a regular "date" can be helpful, providing a way to lessen planning and making sure weeks do not go by without contact.
For example, having a person help you with a relationship problem or fix your computer is helpful. This version of How to Help Someone With Low Self Esteem was reviewed by Kirsten Schuder on March 3, 2015. If you have high self-esteem, it may be difficult for you to see a friend or a loved one suffering from low self-esteem. Whether this is a Sunday afternoon cup of coffee, Wednesday night poker night, or daily morning swim, these times can be vital to helping you and your friend.
You risk alienating the person you are trying to help if you directly tell them how they should think about themselves or act. A person with low self-esteem ironically will often be more willing to help out a friend than him or herself. If your friend wants to talk about their feelings or about the root of their low self-esteem, the most helpful thing you can do is listen while they processes these issues. If you feel that the other person has deeper issues than you can personally help them with, try suggesting that she attend therapy.

Just being around someone with higher self-esteem may help someone who is suffering from a lack of confidence.
People with low self-esteem often hesitate to take risks or make goals because of a fear of failure. Ultimately, self-esteem is a personal issue, and people who have low self-esteem have to help themselves to truly get better. Being able to recognize the symptoms of low self-esteem can help you offer support to your loved one. One defining characteristic of low self-esteem is the constant presence of an inner over-critical voice. You value your friend but also need to spend time with other friends, family, boyfriends or girlfriends, and even time to yourself. Though you cannot make others feel better about themselves, you can offer support and encouragement and model positive self-esteem.
A little caring can go a long way[2] Showing that you care about them can help give them the support to improve their self-esteem.
Offering an opportunity to help another, this can set up for a moment to do something that builds self-esteem.
Both cognitive behavioral therapy [9] and psychodynamic therapy[10] can help with low self-esteem.

Those with low self-esteem are often extremely self-critical, and when they compare themselves to others, they compare what they view as the worst parts of themselves with the best parts of others.
In the effort to help someone with very low self-esteem, a friend may end up investing a lot of time and effort to fix the suffering friend, but not be able to. He loves to review new edits in Recent Changes Patrol, write new articles, and connect with other editors and authors as a Welcomer. Difficulty in reaching out and following through in social plans is not a slight towards you, rather reflects on the anxiety, fear, or depression a person with low self-esteem may have. Additionally, showing that failures are not disasters will help show that one can recover from setbacks. You are under no obligation to help a person who treats you in a hurtful manner, physically, verbally, or in any other way.
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