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So once I had everything all sorted out and had painted the room, I started putting things back into place. Connor and Caleb helped me go through everything that was once in this corner to decide on what they really needed and what could be discarded, and I was proud that they didn’t insist on hanging on to every little thing! 7 Days to a More Organized Life Develop the habits that will help you waste less time and accomplish more with my simple tips and tricks!
I too fell victim to the “Since our house is on the smaller side, I often find myself using the excuse, “If we only had more room, then I could be better organized…”!! I recently blogged about my daughter’s room, and which organizational systems work for her.
When I was finally sick of myself I hired an organizer, and with her help, we had my studio room back to working order in a weekend. These are actually toys I brought up at Christmas time to help make room for our tree, and they never made their way back downstairs again.

There were so many areas that needed help that I started with my favorite tactic… I removed everything! Honestly, decluttering this room was a lot more work than I thought it would be– I didn’t realize it had gotten so bad! My hubby actually made the shelf when we were in college, and as soon as we had kids, I stole it for their room.
Yes, at the time it’s easier to throw things in an open spot rather than put them back where they go, but in the long run, I’m left with a completely cluttered room that took me a week to rectify!
I’ve shared a ton of decluttering ideas and about my journey, but just this week I shared my new, improved entryway.
Any one can take a picture of a messy room and then take a picture of it clean and have it look better, though, and I really wanted to focus on the problem areas, the spots where clutter was constant even when the room was picked up. It happened in my studio room, so we had to move all of my craft stuff stuff out of my studio and pile it into the corners of other rooms.

With this in mind I'll suggest some things that may seem drastic to you. Remove all family photos from the room. I know how great getting rid of stuff feels because last year one room of mine was was so packed that I hired an organizer to help. By that time the holidays had arrived so we moved all of the stuff, which at this point had lost all semblance of utility, back into my craft room along with piles of books and boxes of things we had to remove from affected closets.
The new year began, and we were busy with conferences and travel and life and suddenly my craft room became The Room Where We Store Stuff.

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