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Eating meatless at least once a week has a host of health benefits and will likely save you money at the supermarket too. Here we toss tempeh with a honey-sesame sauce and serve it over quinoa and shredded carrots for a satisfying vegetarian meal. Whether you’re vegetarian or trying to eat more meatless meals, our healthy and cheap vegetarian dinner recipes are an easy way to save money on your next grocery bill. These budget-friendly vegetarian dinner recipes for black bean soup, baked mac & cheese, pizza and more meatless meals are perfect for an easy weeknight meal.
Consider making rice and beans with brown rice and red or black beans and serving it with either frozen broccoli or a salad made with romaine lettuce and carrots, which are some of the most nutritious inexpensive vegetables.

Consider breakfast for dinner, making omelets filled with vegetables and a small amount of low-fat cheese and serving them with fruit.
Check what is in your home and the store sale flyers to figure out what nutritious meals you can make that week without going over your budget. Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Healthy Eating editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story. Try Sweet Potato Fritters with Smoky Pinto Beans for a Mexican-inspired dinner or Fettuccine with Creamy Mushroom Sauce for a delicious vegetarian pasta dish.
Other healthy inexpensive meal options include burritos made with whole-grain tortillas, salsa, beans and brown rice and vegetarian chili.

Make a shopping list consisting of mainly whole foods rather than processed foods, which are less healthy and more expensive.
And these hearty vegetarian recipes are great examples of how well you can eat on a budget. Another option is a stir-fry using whatever vegetables you have on hand along with a small amount of tofu, meat, fish or poultry.

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