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Healthy Eating Practical Cooking ClassesThe menus covered in these cookery classes can be adapted for vegetarians.
Give your dinner a makeover - healthy, versatile, & delicious these fresh foodie ideas are packed with zingy flavour and kind to your heart and your waistline.
This is not designed to be a no holds barred, sandals and sackcloth, full on healthy eating course. This course has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of students with a strong interest in the field of nutrition, diet and health, but who do not have previous formal training in science or nutrition. Finally, the practical application of the nutritional knowledge gained during the course will be studied in the context of clinical nutrition and public health nutrition.

By the end of the course, students will have a sound knowledge of the part played by nutrition, diet and lifestyle in health and disease. Apart from a balanced critical appreciation of nutritional information appearing in the mass media, they will be able to apply this knowledge in their own lifestyles and careers, and in advising others about diet and health.
Coming from a tradition that uses brandy, butter and cream, I have designed this course to be a gentle introduction to reduce fatty intake, as well as cholesterol and to decrease the amount of calories, sugar and salt, at the same time as increasing fibre. The course will provide learners with a strong foundation knowledge of nutritional science and of the role of nutrition in health and disease. It includes products which have intrinsic or natural health benefits such as oil rich fish (omega 3) and berries, and added health value products such as natural yoghurts, vegetables and fruit.

This will include discussion of other lifestyle factors such as exercise and smoking, and their health implications.

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