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It’s so frustrating to see what people will put their bodies through in an attempt to lose weight.
Now, I’m NOT trying to put this product down, but I just have to explain the reality of this.
I have never seen the ads for the things to wrap around your stomach but that’s insane. I think people forget that if whatever got them to lose weight isn’t sustainable than neither is the weight loss.

People will go to great lengths to try and lose weight, even if deep down they know it can’t be healthy! If you don’t have patience and get trapped into one of these nonsense things, it will backfire. She finally started eating healthy the normal way, and working out, and she lost weight and has kept it off!
It seems like all society cares about is losing weight, and it doesn’t matter how it happens.

I’m on the opposite side of spectrum in that I need to gain weight (I lost a dangerous amount because of medical complications) and I can’t stress enough how hard it is to gain weight in a society obsessed with losing it!

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