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Update Aug 29, 2007: a plain text version of the (example) weekly review checklist described in this blog post may be downloaded directly from here. Fortunately, I have learned to do a daily mini-review of the essential components of my GTD system.
In an attempt to be more strict and consistent about my weekly reviews, I recently sat down and revamped the checklist I am using for my weekly review. Actually, steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 14 and 15 are typically part of my daily mini-review as well, so usually these do not require a lot of work during my weekly review. If you look at the big picture, my current checklist forces me to collect every relevant piece of information from every digital and physical nook and cranny and put it into my physical in-basket.
I am still in the process of optimizing and perfecting this checklist to my specific needs. My collecting, processing and organizing phases get done about 80% during the daily reviews.
Simply put, the weekly review is a set-aside period every week, usually an hour or two, where you dedicate yourself to getting organised for the week ahead and ensure that nothing is slipping through the cracks.
The weekly review is supposed to help you do three things: get clear, get current and get creative.
Pick a day that works for you and put your weekly review on the calendar for the end of the day.

I scheduled my weekly reviews for Friday at 5pm, and stretched them out until 7pm, when I normally left the office. A weekly review checklist is an essential tool to making sure you touch on all three of the pillars mentioned above. If you need more detail, David Allen offers a template checklist (free, but requires registration) on his site to get you started, and this one (scroll down to weekly review) is another good example.
My checklist is highly customised to my activities, and even if you start with a template, yours should be as well. One common trap that people fall into when trying a weekly review is that they spend too much time actually doing things instead of reviewing them. I use a checklist and a trigger list every week for my review, and it’s scheduled every Friday afternoon. Most people consider the weekly review a difficult thing to start, but it doesn’t have to be.
Presentations can be dreadfully boring if not executed well, but the Harvard Business Review points to one easy approach that will spice up any presentation. If you wait until you have your whole weekly review planned out and ready to go, you’ll never do it. The trigger list is just a long list of items you should scan during your weekly review to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

If you hear someone say the weekly review only works for a small number of tasks, or that their weekly review takes hours upon hours, the problem may be that instead of scheduling a time to call that software vendor back, you’re actually taking time out of your review to call them. At the same time I’m hoping to get your feedback about your weekly review checklist (if any)! I now try to do all the processing etc each day with a final session a few hours before my actual review. Perhaps next week you have a big meeting with your boss about a big software upgrade, but you forgot to call the vendor to get the details.
I look through my idea bank (stored in Wunderlist, which I mentioned last week), trash anything stale, add new ideas and assign dates where I can.
Put that call on the calendar for next week, and give yourself enough time to research before your meeting with your boss. Get those items on your checklist as well so you don’t forget to check in on their progress as well.
Organise them by priority and urgency so when you start next week, you’ll know what to start without having to think about it.

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