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Your kids complain that shopping takes too long and you’d rather not be there either, so set a time goal for the trip. If you’re lucky enough to live near a Wegmans, you won’t need these games because they already offer so many opportunities for kid-friendly shopping.
This short game fromFresh For Kids encourages children to identify fruits from a series of written clues.
The player then has to use arrow keys to scroll around and find the correct fruit on the shelf and then click to pick up the requested number of fruits for the shopping list. If your children find supermarket shopping boring or you find it difficult to keep them occupied, you could try out this scavenger hunt game from FoodChamps. There are instructions for ideas on ways to get children looking for foods on your shop, and then we like these printable cards which you can cut out and give them to try to find items on the list and check them off, much like a game of bingo.
Games are all about claiming land and defending territories in this week’s top apps, with a new Sim City-style builder called My Country shooting to the top.
From G5 Entertainment comes another time management game, this one for running a grocery store.

There’s nothing that says “video game” better than a retro platformer, and Bloo Kid delivers 60 levels of pixelated fun. A different type of 3D game than Eternal Warriors, Supersonic is a neon racer that takes you on a tunneling ride.
Take inspiration from Simon and play your own pattern game, challenging your child to repeat it. Grocery shopping by herself without her two very young kids (wonderful and beautiful as they are) is her idea of a hot Saturday night party.
It’s a top-down game, similar to many RPGs, where your weapon-wielding character can run special attacks.
If you meet or beat your goal, decide on a reward you all get to enjoy, perhaps playing a favorite board game together when you get home. It’s a dizzying game that requires high concentration and a knack for balanced accelerometer skills, but what really gets you going is the electronic soundtrack by Finnish artist Kitkaliitto.
When shopping at 9pm once the kids have gone to bed isn’t an option, here are some tried and true games to make grocery shopping more tolerable for everyone.

Point out that their cooperation in making shopping faster and easier leads to more time for fun activities! The levels were designed to flow with this music, and the result is an intense but fun game. Fight alongside fellow clan members, which you’ll find through Facebook and OpenFeint integration, making this Android game a social one. Bloo Kid is a colorful game that will give you hours of fun, and is quite delightful to play.
You’ll need to purchase the full version in-app to enjoy all 49 levels across four different shops, ensuring that you’ll spend some serious time getting Kate all the way to the top of the grocers chain.
Change their perception of the shopping experience and they won’t groan every time you head out to run errands.

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