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Your kids complain that shopping takes too long and you’d rather not be there either, so set a time goal for the trip. Take inspiration from Simon and play your own pattern game, challenging your child to repeat it. When shopping at 9pm once the kids have gone to bed isn’t an option, here are some tried and true games to make grocery shopping more tolerable for everyone. Change their perception of the shopping experience and they won’t groan every time you head out to run errands.

My girls are actually at an age where they can be really helpful at the grocery store, but I have not forgotten the days of needing ample entertainment to make it through the store!  When I Spy is getting old, maybe one of these games will be a welcome addition on your next shopping trip. Similar games to Supermarket - Games for GirlsCasual Supermarket like Supermarket,girl game,games for girls.
If you’re lucky enough to live near a Wegmans, you won’t need these games because they already offer so many opportunities for kid-friendly shopping. Grocery shopping by herself without her two very young kids (wonderful and beautiful as they are) is her idea of a hot Saturday night party.

Point out that their cooperation in making shopping faster and easier leads to more time for fun activities! If you meet or beat your goal, decide on a reward you all get to enjoy, perhaps playing a favorite board game together when you get home.

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