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It is worth noting that, while you would’ve saved 15% on my random list by shopping at Walmart rather than United, you likely would have gotten more than 15% worse customer service. The answer for choosing between, and ultimately consumerism-ing at, either Target or Walmart really depends on what you need to purchase, what you want to buy, and how you like to shop.
Target also wins for selling unique and interesting clothing some would argue is of higher quality than Walmart. I can’t believe no one besides bloggers have written about these awesome reasons to shop at Walmart over Target. To learn how to maximize your coupons at Walmart or any Canadian retailer, do check out Mrs. When my area gets its first Target, sometime in the fall, I will likely end up shopping at both Walmart and Target from time to time, depending on the purpose of my shop and which direction I will be headed for other errands (they will be about equidistant from my home, but in opposite directions).
Their employee policies suck and they refuse to support and care for the people in the poor countries that make their cheap stuff.
You’ve just proven that I should skip BOTH Target and Walmart and shop at the CANADIAN stores in my neighbourhood, NoFrills for grocery and Shoppers Drug Mart for personal care.
At Walmart we have never had a hard time returning things, no matter what our reason for returning was and no one has called us liars. I do not shop at Walmart due to their treatment of workers in their stores or the factories they use to make their cheap stuff. Aubretia Edick has worked at a Walmart store in upstate New York for 11 years, but she won’t buy fresh food there. Tracie McMillan, who did a stint working in the produce section of a Walmart store while researching her forthcoming book, The American Way of Eating, reports much the same. In just a few short years, Walmart has become the most powerful force in our food system, more dominant than Monsanto, Kraft, or Tyson. It was only 23 years ago that Walmart opened its first supercenter, a store with a full supermarket inside. As astonishing as Walmart’s national market share is, in many parts of the country the chain is even more dominant.
Walmart’s rise as a grocer triggered two massive waves of industry consolidation in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The second wave of consolidation came as meatpackers, dairy companies, and other food processors merged in an effort to be large enough to supply Walmart without getting crushed in the process.

Last year, Walmart announced that it would double the share of local produce it sells, from 4.5 to 9 percent, over six years. This doesn’t necessarily mean shoppers will soon find a variety of local produce at their nearest Walmart, however. Walmart’s sourcing is becoming somewhat more regional, but the change has more to do with rising diesel prices than a shift in favor of small farms. Walmart’s promise to increase local sourcing is reminiscent of its pledge five years ago to expand its organic food offerings.
Walmart has renewed its push to get into big cities, after trying and failing a few years ago.
For neighborhoods that are truly underserved, it seems hard to argue with the notion that having a Walmart nearby is better than relying on 7-11 and McDonald’s for meals.
Neighborhoods that gain Walmart stores end up with more poverty and food-stamp usage than communities where the retailer does not open, a study published in Social Science Quarterly found.
Walmart is pushing us toward a future where food production is increasingly industrialized, farmers and workers are squeezed, and the promise of fresh produce is used to conceal an economic model that leaves neighborhoods more impoverished.
Join a live chat with Stacy Mitchell about Walmart's sustainability efforts and how they've been coming up short, on Nov. If you associate Walmart’s grocery aisles with cheap six-packs of sugary soda or bulk bags of chips, you’re in for a surprise when you next drop by a branch of the world’s largest retailer. Walmart’s new Wild Oats organic products — including kitchen cupboard staples like olive oil and black beans — will cost about 25 percent less than those sold by competitors, based on price comparisons of 26 national brands. Indeed, internal research carried out by the Bentonville, Ark.-based store chain showed 91% of their shoppers would happily buy organic products at Walmart — for the right price.
Whether Walmart’s move into affordable organics will force competitors in the segment like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to drop their prices remains to be seen. If you have one or more, do your wallet a solid by shopping at Walmart where disposable diapers, formula, and baby cereals cost up to 33% less than at Target. In The Definitive Guide: 22 Ways to get a discount on anything (part two) I told ya how to get your groceries for free by spotting scanner price errors at checkout using this code. January (AKA Cassie Howard) shops at Walmart over Target is for this thing called coupon overage.
Those with tiny tots (AKA babies) could see some serious savings by opting to purchase Walmart’s disposable diapers, formula, and baby cereals.

I have been to my new Target and really like it (esp the Starbucks), but had this perception that it was more expensive than Walmart. One occurred among supermarkets, as regional titans like Kroger and Fred Meyer combined to form national chains that stood a better chance of surviving Walmart’s push into groceries. But poor diet, limited access to fresh food, and diet-related health issues are a cluster of symptoms that all stem from a deeper problem that Walmart is likely to make worse: poverty.
This increase in poverty may owe to the fact that Walmart’s arrival leads to a net loss of jobs and lowers wages, according to research [PDF] by economists at the University of California-Irvine and Cornell.
Flunking Rule 3 by getting busted in Walmart was a little awful, but that’s not stopping me from reporting my price check findings to you. I recently bought similar panties at Walmart (No Boundaries brand) for less than $3 each and they are holding up great so far. I will say that the manager sided with us on that one, but after three different horrible transactions at three different locations we decided to shop Walmart. In a series of announcements over the last year, Walmart has deftly commandeered high-profile food issues, presenting itself as a solution to food deserts, a force for healthier eating, and a supporter of local farming. For its store-brand organic milk, for example, Walmart turned to Aurora Organic Dairy, which runs several giant industrial milking operations in Texas and Colorado, each with as many as 10,000 cows. An Iowa study found that Walmart charges less than competing grocery stores for cereals, canned vegetables, and meats, but has higher prices on most fresh vegetables and high-volume dairy foods, including milk. Last year, as its supercenter count climbed above 3,000, Walmart captured 25 percent of the $550 billion Americans spent on groceries. Pork processors picked up some of the difference, but the bulk of the gains went to Walmart and other supermarket chains, which are now pocketing 61 cents of each pork dollar, up from 45 cents in 1990.
And the more dominant Walmart becomes, the fewer opportunities there will be for farmers markets, food co-ops, neighborhood grocery stores, and a host of other enterprises that are beginning to fashion a better food system — one organized not to enrich corporate middlemen, but to the benefit of producers and eaters.

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