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AS a mom on a budget Im always on the lookout for those great gifts that really show that you care but goes easy on my wallet.
Not only would these look great on any wall but they would make great gifts to close family members.
I am so disappointed that I haven’t heard any Christmas jingles playing at the malls yet. People who are particular about maintaining a fresh scent in their environment may appreciate receiving a gift like that. The price of $9 may be a bit higher for something so small but well, it’s still under $10! The Go Naturally Organic Hard Candies are great to be multiplied into various small gift packs. An apt little gift for anyone who grew up in Singapore with those old school playgrounds that had sand in them. Bak kwa is well loved by many Singaporeans and will make a cool last minute gift for any friend or colleague.
I think it’s important to plan and start earlier instead of scrambling for gifts at the last minute. Anyway, if you don’t like giving clay, you can still look up other aromatherapy products under Now Foods. These Snowman Hot chocolate kits where what originally inspired me to create this post so I could share this fun christmas gift idea with my EMI readers.
Some of the inexpensive gifts to make include christmas in a jar, hand warmers, sleeping masks, hot cocoa gift set, monogrammed soap bottles, chalkboard mug, and a scented layered candle. Originally I wanted to order some chocolates from Alter Eco as Christmas gifts because I really like them but I realized they’ll not look good on arrival due to the weather conditions here.
I’m planning to order from iherb for some stocking stuffers or little gifts for people during Christmas period because it’s affordable and I can choose between lots of stuffs for a good price!

After all, if you are buying a last minute gift, movies are kind of sexier sounding than many other things. If you are feeling a little more generous this Christmas, this gift box from Raffles Hotel features 6 miniature bottles of the original local pink cocktail. I totally prefer shopping for Christmas gifts online as I can take my time to browse and make my choice without having to jostle with crowds.
Marked by celebrations, merry-making and perhaps that dreaded gift exchange at the Christmas Party where you hope your very lame and very last minute gift exchange idea does not get pointed out as lame. Use my promo code OVO966 (affiliate) if you’re shopping there for the very first time to enjoy $10 off your purchase. If you think it’s weird, you can also pair it with a more socially acceptable gift like a lip balm. I bet many mothers will appreciate this gift for it can double up as a toilet seat sanitizer for their kids too! So even if you aren't on a tight budget these ideas still make wonderful gifts that will be remember for years to come. To those like me who have a desirable habit of leaving gift exchange shopping to the very last minute, here is a list of 20 ideas for gift exchange this Christmas that you can be proud of.
For those who have friends that like to be reminded of their childhood or love collecting accessories like these, this could be the ideal gift exchange present. This Christmas, take some time to research what kind of games you think are suitable for your gift exchange buddy. However, I’m not so sure if everyone is up for exotic flavored tea and so am sticking to this one for gifting.
With the expected upcoming release of Minions film, what better way to satisfy your Minion starved friends by buying them something Minion-related this Christmas.
Do not however, underestimate the ability of five stones to be a great stress reliever at work.

In fact, if you check out the range here, you’ll find that most of their products are priced below $8, which means you can get just about all their stuff as gifts! Well, we’re going to look at six new ones this year but they’re what I consider premium gift ideas but still affordable under US$10! I actually got one of these from a close family friend when I was pregnant with my first child and I loved reading the stories every night leading up Christmas Eve that it is now (seven years later) a wonderful family tradition we do with our kids every year. I mean, this is no better than topping up a $20 Starbucks card and offering it as a gift exchange. I don't know about you, but there is something slightly more meaningful about a movie gift card than a coffee gift card.
Dalfour does not carry coffee but you should be able to find something suitable under another organic brand. Plus the product has scored many smiles with reviewers and so I believe this will make a very purposeful gift. This Christmas, why not let a local production from Dream Academy brighten your evening with their funny, light-hearted and witty performances which has already charmed 2 of our very own writers.
Another perfect reason to get a Christmas date this year, especially if you happen to be the Secret Santa of your eye candy.
Anyway, I’ve decided to go green and to purchase many of my Christmas gifts from iHerb this year.

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