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There are innumerable reasons why one should go vegetarian, perhaps the main reason would be that it is going to be beneficial for both your emotional and physical well being among many other humanitarian reasons of course.
This entry was posted in Diet, Featured, Health & Wellbeing and tagged Vegetarian Diet by Escape From Within. Helps You Lose Weight – It has been observed that vegetarians are in general slimmer than non vegetarians.
Save animals from being tortured – All over the world animals are being killed and slaughtered for meat to keep up with the demands of the non vegetarians.

You save more money – Non vegetarian food is more expensive compared to fruits and vegetables. A vegetarian diet on the other hand goes a long way in securing a better physical health and a general well being and a more enjoyable and happy life.
You can stop this killing and torture of the poor animals by going vegetarian and saying no to meat and meat products.
Vegetarian foods have more of carbohydrates, dietary fibre, essential vitamins and minerals, and other photochemical needed for good health.

Earlier studies suggested that a total vegetarian diet is lacking in essential nutrients like protein, iron, zinc, iodine and many fatty acids. Vegetarian diets which are well planned are beneficial and sufficient for all stages of life.

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