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Goals may not be necessarily big but the consistency and impulse to achieve it should be high enough. These are some of the most important tips and guidelines that have proven to be successful in setting and achieving goals in your life.
So what I have learned over the past three years is that there are specific areas in my life that I want to Grow in. I hope this serves you in your life as well so you can assess your current level of happiness in each of these areas and then focus on getting from here…to there. Under each of the following categories, I’ll identify 3 measurable attainable (with a bit of a stretch) goals for life and business improvement. With each of these areas of focus choose your top 3 goals in each area you want to measure changes or improvement. Paul’s goal was to live the life God planned for him until he passed into eternity with Jesus. But that life was far more than just what Paul did… because Paul knew that he was more than an automaton for God.
Ultimately, I would suggest that our goal in life would be the same as Paul’s…to live the full and complete life God has planned for us. Prayer: Lord, lead me into the complete life You have planned for me…so that I may bring You the glory you deserve.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Christianity, devotional, Life goals, Peace, physicians, Shalom, Spiritual Formation, striving, works. This will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses, which is quite vital in achieving any goal.
Some wander aimlessly with no specific destination, and others define specific goals, craft an action plan, measure progress regularly, and strive to fulfill a dream.

And by identifying these areas in my life, I have a basis and starting point with which to work with. The way that you’ve broken out the different life areas and offered examples in each is so helpful, Kelly. There is a lot of information out there about HOW to set goals, but they are often focused on business or career exclusively. It could be tough for some, but I am sure there are many who have mastered the art of setting goals because they have already walk passed a few milestones too! There is empirical evidence confirming we attract success by being happy first — we don’t achieve happiness because we have attained our goals, we accomplish what we set out to do because we are happy. Broadcasting your goals boosts commitment and raises integrity in your eyes and in the eyes of others.
We are *whole people* and it is great that you highlighted areas like personal development, self care, and relationships ABOVE business or financial goals. They move through life as though they were on a treadmill…taking one step after another as required by their busy life. Start with a small goal and gradually challenge your limits to achieve newer and higher goals.
We like to see small achievements and when time comes to put effort to achieve big goals we get afraid.
Challenging goals generate higher effort than simple goals, and it does not matter if the goal requires physical or cognitive effort. The impetus to take on challenges becomes stronger when you reach for a goal exceeding your dreams.
Just ensure the goal should be reasonable and achievable given your capabilities and other social, emotional, and financial factors.

Just remember goals are not always met, there would be setbacks, so starting with a small one will encourage you to set higher goals.
It will enable you restructure your regular schedule and redefine your goals given your strengths and weaknesses.
Goal setting theory (Gary Latham & Edwin Locke 2002) affirms goals improved performance, and people with specific HARD goals (heartfelt-animated-required-difficult) do better than people who start out with amorphous goals like “do your best” or specific easy goals. Most people feel apprehensive about the future, yet 95% of people don’t bother to define their goals. Often it has been found, people use to write it down but cannot stick to it and thus they never reach their goals in life. Always learn to think and like big goals by constantly putting efforts and resources to achieve it. The spirit of achievement permeates the workplace as people see themselves grow by seeking and attaining goals that are meaningful and relevant. Latham and Locke observed satisfaction increases when goals are met or exceeded, and conversely declines when performance falls short of the goal. Goals inspire people to use the knowledge they have or learn necessary skills to attain the goal. Learning goals require people to pay attention to understanding the assignment and develop a plan executing proper completion. Specific high learning goals concentrate on systematic problem solving leading to high performance.

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