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Today is the day but that doesn't mean it's too late to get your boyfriend or girlfriend a gift they'll appreciate before tonight. No one even needs to know you waited 'til the last minute to make moves if you get something that isn't so obvious and doesn't give it away. Look, the best advice we can give you this Christmas season doesn’t come in the form of an article. Don’t even bother trying to impress your rich girlfriend by saving up all year and spending an exorbitant amount of money on a gift. Geek girlfriends are actually pretty easy to shop for because they always make it really clear what stuff they are into.
When shopping for an athletic girlfriend, focus on things that will make her fitness routine more convenient or more enjoyable — not more effective.
You won’t go wrong if you stick to gifts like sweat-proof, wireless headphones (everyone listens to music while running and wires can really get in the way) and high-end yoga clothing. Everyone should have a lazy girlfriend for at least a brief period of time, preferably during college. For instance, maybe she keeps eyeing a fancy kitchen gadget, but she never has the extra cash to shell out for it, which would make it the perfect gift.
When you know what kind of music she likes, you will find out, that picking the right gift for her is rather easy. These are very useful birthday gifts, especially if your girlfriend doesn’t already have them or you can find some cool stuff. With a gift like that, she will no longer have to spend ages trying to find her keys in her purse! It helps you redistribute the weight correctly, so it will help your girlfriend watch her posture.

Those are always the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend if you are not sure about other options. Just slot your girlfriend into one of the convenient and definitely not overly reductive sub-categories below (but, whatever you do, do not tell her which category you put her in) and then buy one of our corresponding gift suggestions. Don’t blow a whack of cash on a gift for a girl who will be out of your life in a few months. With so many options, it's hard to know what would make the perfect gift for your girlfriend. Use good judgment here; some girls will appreciate your consideration in asking, while others may find it strange.
This option is great if you don’t have much money, and often, your girlfriend will value it more if it you made it.
Maybe you don't want a clean house to be the whole gift, but if you live with your girlfriend, showing you care by cleaning the house is a nice gesture.
Like websites with arts and crafts, you can find one-of-a-kind gifts at local art shows and craft fairs. For instance, if your girlfriend loves drawing, art supplies are definitely an appropriate choice.
A skimpy outfit or tickets to a sporting event she doesn’t really care about will not earn you any points.
While these can seem like great ideas, you should think twice about giving clothing or jewelry unless you are very confident that you know your girlfriend’s tastes. It's important to remember that the most important part of buying a gift for anyone is to make them feel like you really know them. Alternatively, maybe you two have talked about something she's really into lately, which can help guide your gift.

If you can figure out your girlfriend's love language, you can get her something she truly wants and make her feel loved.
Making a gift takes more time and effort than just buying something online, but it doesn't need to take days. You can find something tailored to what your girl loves or even have a gift customized to her. While sometimes the prices can be high, you're paying for a truly special gift and supporting your local economy at the same time. It doesn't have to be super expensive, as long as you think about what you your girlfriend likes. While some girls may appreciate feeling like they are in a romantic comedy, most will prefer a gift that shows you really know them, and don’t think of them as a two-dimensional stereotype.
It is always a good idea to include a receipt with wearable gifts, so that your girlfriend has the option of exchanging your gift for something that suits her better. If your girlfriend collects cards, stamps, or coins, those things will also make good birthday gifts. As long as you put some heart into your gift, and she’s not heartless, your girlfriend will appreciate the thought far more than the dollar value. Using what she says as a source of gift-giving inspiration will ensure you get her something she genuinely likes, and show her that you listen to what she says. However, you have to consider what your girlfriend wants, too; some girls like to make a big deal out of events like birthdays and Valentine's Day, while others prefer to keep things more casual.

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