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The best folders for GTD are these cheapo Officeworks ones that are 1cm shorter than all the other brands. Yesterday, I was running a workshop for budding productivity ninjas (How To Get Things Done) and one topic that came up was filing systems – in particular, an incubation filing system. Yesterday, I began the process of completely revamping my system of organization, and honestly, it just felt so amazingly good! The idea is that once you have completed all of this, your mind will not be struggling to remember all of those little things that usually stay in the back of our minds, making it easy to forget them or remember them last minute, or to not properly prioritize, or to use our time unwisely. I'd love to give you all an update once I get everything fully processed and begin to function within this new system! Thanks so much for walking through the brain dump system- that is exactly what I need-want. I then place the folders vertical in my draw and let their high volume keep them standing up. The practical stuff is what I am so bad at so I am going to follow it EXACTLY to the letter, then after I have the system going, I can tweak things.

By incubation filing system, I mean a place for filing those things that I know I am going to need on a set date over the next few days or months - eg, train tickets to be used in 2 weeks.
The idea is that as you slowly read through the list, more and more things will come to your mind, which you can then write down and forget about. By creating a trusted system (his words, not mine) where you can record all of this information, you will free yourself up to be much more focused and efficient, and less stressed, knowing that you won't forget all of the things that are important.
I'm really hopeful that it will help to keep me not only more organized, but also my house less cluttered with all of the things I am afraid to put out of my immediate sight. I meant to get my filing system put in place before the baby came, but I didn’t get it fully completed (although almost) so I hope to finish that when my husband has some time off. This is unlike a general filing system where I might file away things that I want to hold on to for reference purposes – eg, bank statements. 43 folders is a revolving system whereby you move each folder to the back as the date and eventually the month passes. Things that were no longer relevant, old, useless, or that could be discarded once I made a simple note of what they were or an action that needed to be done.

In the end I found that these 5 tab dividers sit in the Officeworks suspension files which are a bit shorter that all the other brands, so the folders poke out the top nicely. So back to the workshop, I introduced the delegates to a simple yet effective filing system called 43 folders or tickler filing system. It was popularised by productivity guru David Allen in his bestselling book Getting Things Done. The only downside of all these books is that they usually recommend buying something, or many things, to make it better or easier to organize, and I am unable to do that very much, if at all.
Take a look at this short video on youtube where the system is explained and demonstrated succinctly: 43 folders.

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