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It still amazes me when I get evidence showing the large number of people who consider their body weight to be the cornerstone indicator of their fitness level. This regimin that he followed may help you in your journey to joining the under 4% body fat club. If you’re super hungry, order wonton broth without wontons… and a second variation of your steamed entree.

However, it’s important to always keep in mind that it is “body composition” (our ratio of lean tissue to fat tissue) that matters most and the best way to determine it is to ‘measure body fat percentage.’In my opinion, checking this ratio becomes even more important with age. This means that if you strive to get down to that beloved body weight that you held in your high school days, it’s unlikely you’ll look as appealing if you merely possess ten pounds less muscle while carrying ten pounds more body fat. By contrast, a gain of ten pounds of muscle with a simultaneous loss of that much body fat will probably have a more positive effect on your body’s appearance and performance than dropping even as much as twenty pounds of fat with no replacement or gain of muscle.

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