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On most Mondays, the Kenan Institute hosts a wildly interdisciplinary seminar that brings together faculty and graduate students from across the University to discuss cutting edge research in ethics broadly conceived. Our inquiries over the course of the last few months have told us that age has an ambiguous status within organizations.
Several of the organizations represented at the seminar had relatively large numbers of younger workers, and therefore felt that the challenges of younger workers in organizations needed more attention. Overall, this strong multigenerational perspective is derived from the unique situations that organizations are encountering. As previously stated, whatever age-implicated dilemmas organizations are facing, retirement trends are surely connected to most of them. Extrapolating from this last question, we can be sure that labor force imbalances and other HR challenges will accompany the general aging of the workforce.
The following tool can assist organizations in identifying their areas of greatest need and assist them in a workforce planning process that is focused on developing relevant age responsive strategies for a multigenerational workplace. We may look back and see that retirement crunch was a spark that ignited a new flurry of diverse age-centered initiatives in all sectors of organization and business planning.
The Talent Management Study5  has provided a useful way to break down the age-economy interface, and it has also provided a way for organizations to place themselves within the context of the specific pressures experienced by other organizations. Here, organizations are called upon to forecast what areas might be at high risk for various gaps and discontinuities. For example, in a written commentary, one seminar participant emphasized the limitations of discussing the chronological aging of workers in isolation from other areas of change. While taking care of organizational needs, this work simultaneously cultivates the strengths of a multigenerational workplace. The national study report: Phase II of the national study of business strategy and workforce development (Research Highlight No.

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Knowledge Management: The loss of specialized knowledge and experience is a central challenge for organizations encountering unpredictable workforce scenarios. Rather, the participants wanted to emphasize that organizations are now encountering a wide array of age-related circumstances. Secondly, we have posited that these objective changes are overlapping with, and are sometimes influencing, the subjective experiences of workers. Whatever the case, we hope our tool helps organizations become very specific and grounded in their age-centered planning.
Workforce planning is closely connected to the issues organizations ultimately need to be considering when attempting to learn about their own age-centered challenges.
The obvious starting point made clear in our previous articles, is that planning for workforce changes is not the issue, but rather, how best to prepare for those changes. The difference a downturn can make: Assessing the early effects of the economic crisis on the employment experiences of workers(Issue Brief No. The study discussed key areas of planning for organizations that belonged in each of the four groups, such as workforce supply, knowledge gaps, and so on. If you can bring your own meditation cushions, please do and let the retreat organizer know. Predictably, our seminar participants saw age related planning as a business imperative, especially in (and not in spite of) challenging economic times.
There are certainly many other areas and questions that may need to be addressed depending on the organization, and this is precisely the point: If demographic shifts have made some organizations more aware of age imbalances within their workforce, there is no predictable path through which age becomes an organizational planning priority, if it becomes one at all.
Finally, along with other researchers, we believe that we are entering a period when organizations themselves are especially active in reassessing their priorities and organizational philosophies.

She has been living and working in the Bay Area for seven and a half years as a youth worker, trainer and activist.
We will not repeat the overview of how the economic downturn has affected the organizational responses to workforce transformations, which can be found in the third article. Our seminar participants reiterated a multigenerational focus on the meaning of changing age demographics. We mentioned how some of the organizations attending our seminar had a disproportionate number of younger workers, at least in some departments, but we also saw a general trend towards a shortage of skilled labor entering the labor market. Using the Talent Management Study as a guide, we have outlined the areas that we see as particularly vital for organizations who wish to explore and manage their age demographic status. Therefore, demographic statistics about age need to be understood alongside the subjective experiences of workers within different ages and career stages.
Age is indeed a diversity issue, but one that connects to the basic foundations of organizational efficiency and success.
They emphasized how pressure can come from different age segments and from various predicaments in the workforce. On the contrary, we see much attention being paid to the potentials of a multigenerational workforce. We simply are concerned with the potential of a multigenerational dialogue becoming empty rhetoric within pressured organizations. One of the main themes that we took from the event is that while some organizations have to directly confront the situations of older workers and their aging workforce generally, multigenerational issues that addressed and cut across different employee age groups are more often discussed.

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