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Begin cleaning your bed as it takes up a large area of your room it will automatically make your room look much cleaner than before! If your room's a huge mess, and your friends owe you something, then invite them over to help you out with the hard parts. First start with stuff on the bed which makes it much cleaner then go on to the closet and clear it a bit (fold and just put stuff where they belong) then finish clear things up around the room.
First do the messiest part so that that is clean and it doesn't seem so messy and you won't get discouraged.
Clean your room as soon as possible, many kids feel like cleaning their room is too boring.

It's much easier than from the floor and various other pieces of furniture around the room. If you take a break and go off to do something else, you might forget about your room and get distracted by the thing you did.
It will make it a lot easier, even if you only clean up a thing or two something is better than nothing. There are chemicals in many commercial cleaners that could cause you to fall dizzy, get a headache, or worse. Show your parents you're responsible and get to cleaning -- but this time have fun and stay motivated!

Better still, make your own person-friendly cleaners from vinegar, baking soda and other basic ingredients that actually work well.

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