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Once I began making room for exercise in my life, I became more pleasant to be around and felt in control of my own life again. If you want to get a jumpstart on focusing on diet and nutrition before my next post, take some time to learn more about Ensure.
The endorphins definitely put you in a better mood, and pretty soon, you'll start feeling better about the way you look as well. I wasn’t too worried about all this until last year when I started playing netball again. Here's what happens when you prioritize exercise and make it a significant part of your life again.

You'll begin looking forward to it, and if you take any days off exercising, you'll even miss it. If you feel that it is difficult to even get started with exercise (in general or on a given day) a good trick is to tell yourself that you will commit to ten minutes.
I might actually consume more food now that I'm exercising all the time, and I never say no to my grumbling tummy.
If you are new to exercise and not sure where to begin, or if you are dealing with a specific injury, a consultation with a physical therapist can get you started on the right foot. If after ten minutes you still feel horrible, then you have permission to stop and try again the next day.

This trick has been helpful to many of my patients over the years, as they say it is usually just the idea of changing clothes and getting started that they find difficult.

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