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Books are the first thing I tackle when I move: They are easy to pack, easy to sort, and easy to get rid of for a little bit of cash.
After the initial sorting and packing phase, where I sat in front of our five bookshelves and packed up the books we wanted to take with us to our new home,* comes the money-making part. Grab your smartphone, download the BookScouter app, and find out how much those books are worth. After you sort through all the books, log on to the buyback store’s site and enter the ISBNs. You will probably find that two or three stores continue to pop up for your books, and there are a few books designated for other stores. For those books that are in good condition and no one will buy, I upload to Paperback Swap — a site for swapping used books.
If no one has requested your PaperBack Swap books within a few weeks, you may be ready to get them out of your house. If you’re anything like the Stapler family, you probably have bookshelves brimming over with good books, unread books, old college books, and books you never seemed to finish.
Scan each ISBN with your phone and BookScouter will tell you what each book buyback store will pay you for the book. Put the book in a pile according to the store with the highest payout.

Many stores have a minimum number of books or payout that they will accept, so you many need to re-sort those books into a different pile. The biggest payout was a hardcover set of the Divergent trilogy, and a random software programming book was a close second. I have used Paperback Swap not only for my own reading, but for giving high quality used books to others. Whenever I add a book to my Amazon wishlists, I always add it to my Paperback Swap list too. The quickest way is to donate them. My favorite place to donate books is to my local library.
Although we continue to pay over $1,300 per month, we love the lifestyle it forced us to adopt: Frugal giving, frugal fun, and the pursuit of passive income -- to help us break free from our student loans once and for all.
They bought half of these books for less than $0.20, but because I was sending in a box of books anyway, I figured I would get a few cents for some other unwanted books.
Moving on to the next desk, she repeated her actions.What I THOUGHT was a magazine was in fact Scholastic Book Club order forms!!!!I LOVED Scholastic Book Club order forms. Grabbing my pencil I poured over the form, read the descriptions of each book, and circled the books I wanted.

Of course, I could never buy ALL the books I wanted, but mom always let my purchase one or two.Thirty years have passed since my days of Scholastic Book orders, but my excitement over buying books has not waned!
One of the local Rhode Island libraries keeps a $1 cart, but also hosts a used book sale in March and October each year. 32 books cost me $8!!Used Book Store.A small used book store sits down the street from our house. We attend out library book sale twice a year and get a ton there which will come in handy as the kids are doing a used book drive for a nearby shelter.
Then if the books are neglected in coming months I donate them or put them in the home school used curriculum sale in June.

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