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There are many things you as a parent can do to keep children active, get them away from the TV and video games and to have fun.
Hoop it up: Basketball if a fun way to get the entire family involved with physical fitness.
It is also well reported that PE in school is the most opted out session for young people with weight problems. Tell your PE teacher the sports activities you enjoy and any problems that you may have in taking part. Try to get other members of your family to become involved in activities such as family walks, swimming or cycling.
If you do not have a pool or community pool you can visit, consider checking your local Y for open swim.
They’ll have fun and you’ll most likely laugh at some of the fun movements they’ll perform.

We hope we have provided you with information that will educate, support, guide, and hopefully show the fun element of a very serious problem around unhealthy weight that now affects over 1 million young people in the UK.
My kids love jumping rope with me and my son (11) will hop around for a good half hour on his pogo stick.
Hula hooping is great for the core (for kids and adults), improves coordination and enhances flexibility. If you are really dissatisfied with your body or shape, please ask for support from a health professional, who will be able to help you work through your difficulties. Get your kids moving without them even knowing they are burning calories with these exercise activities for kids. For little one’s consider the Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball set so they can shoot hoops as well.
For all these reasons, many overweight children and young people will exclude themselves from PE and sports events.

Maybe this is not too cool, but these are really good aerobic work out activities (and may even increase your pocket money!).
By increasing these activities you will soon start to feel healthier and you will find you will have far more energy. Keep up the exercise and stick to your healthy eating programme and the pounds will start to come off.

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