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Today in the fitness industry personal training, small group and group exercise instructors performing core training has surpassed standard ab moves including the crunch, and rely heavily on a full array of small, portable equipment that was nonexistent years ago. Here’s a sample workout chart below to help you make smart workout game plan to get you fit safely and effectively. Typically most people say they’ll feel the workout hitting their shoulders first, as it’s their weakest part of their core rather than their abdominal region. The Core Transformer Kit includes an eco-friendly, super long specialty Core Transformer exercise resistance band and the 1,000 Calorie BURN Workout DVD. Workout 1: 20 Minute 3D BURN Express is a 300 calorie-burning core workout that easily fits into your busy day because it’s only 20 minutes. Workout 2: 40 Minute 3D BURN uses the Core Transformer® exercise resistance band for exclusive 3-Dimensional, constant-resistance exercises that reach your deepest core muscles and the rest of your body to help you smoke 600 PLUS calories in record time. Workout 3: 60 Minute 1,000 Calorie 3D BURN targets your ENTIRE body 3-dimensionally (like a gyroscope!) to build flat abs, a strong back and a balanced body. Aug 3, 2014 By Maulaana Akbar Leave a Comment 12 Week Transformation Routine to transform yourself from FAT to FIT 12 Week Transformation Routine system is used to transform yourself from fat to fit in just 12 weeks. Jul 23, 2014 By Maulaana Akbar 1 Comment 4 Great Forearm Workouts For Mass 4 Great Forearm Workouts For Mass explains you how to build muscle mass for forearm along with grip and strength to the muscle in easy and simple procedures.

Jun 24, 2014 By Leave a Comment 4 Day Mass Building Workout Plan by Lee Hayward A new workout program popularly known as 4 Day Mass Building Workout Plan by Lee Hayward. While short, the workout is challenging, as it blends progressive, multi-planar resistance with cardio.
It contains three, calorie-torching workouts that shrink-wrap every muscle around your core to give you a sleek, chiseled and very sexy flat mid-section. This fun routine includes our favorite, 3-D standing moves that shape your mid-section fast and train every inch of your body from the inside out. When a customer who has linked to the Core Transformer site from an affiliate link on your website places an online order, you earn a 10% commission! Arm workouts means nowadays everyone is concentrating in developing major parts like biceps and triceps, but not focusing on forearms. The industry has moved away from isolated core training (abs only) to training the core in an integrated fashion and considering the science of fascia and its contribution to movement. Then, build to maybe a 40 minute workout depending upon your fitness and weight loss goals and time constraints. Have faith and stick to the workout system, as this will only last the first three sessions tops.

This workout basically helps to build mass and simultaneously helps you to lose extra body fat.
In other words, moving in every dimension or 360° of space (not just crunching up) requires progressive strength or resistance from your body. This type of training and progressive loading and integration leads to a core that unifies the body from head to toe and allows the core to work as the key coupling link between the upper and lower body. Bottom line: Our 1,000 Calorie BURN Kit and Fat BURN Fusion Kit will take you where you are and get you to your fitness goals safely and effectively.
But—as those in elite and professional sports know—in the real world, you might have to quickly perform trunk flexion, such as catching a pass (or catching the car keys your spouse throws to you from across the room on your way out the door), blocking (or catching the dog after he gets out through that faulty gate) and tackling (or breaking up a fight between your two kiddos). In other words, multi-planer movement in every dimension of space requires progressive strength or resistance from your body—and we move in multiple planes every single day of our lives.

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