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If you’re new to running and have been jogging on the treadmill in the gym, then the thought of running outside can be quite a daunting one.
You can adjust to running in bad weather – Before I started running I would assume that joggers who went out running in the rain were mentally unhinged.
In fact in my experience most people will admire you for having the courage to step outside. Whilst I hated outdoor running for quite some time, I quickly came to enjoy it much more than the treadmill. One of the best aspects of outdoor running for me is the ability to alter my pace whenever I see fit. The run was so difficult and stressful as it was my first formal attempt at outdoors running.

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Running outside became a lot easier once I learned to take my time and enjoy the experience. I bought the Garmin Forerunner 405CX watch to help me with my marathon training and this was the first ever run that I recorded with it. I was pleased that I got past the mile mark for the first time ever, but disappointed I didn’t make it all the way home.
I went out at lunch time at work and there was still snow everywhere from the recent blizzard.

I could have avoided it by being a little more patient, maybe starting out at half a mile ran easily and working up over time.
I didn’t have time to be dissuaded by assholes who were only out to amuse themselves.
It was only when I dropped my pace to around a 11 minute mile that I was able to complete my first ever outdoor 4.2 mile run.

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