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You must focus on the points that need to be fixed in order for you to find happiness in your marriage. You can only find happiness in your marriage if you already have found happiness in your own life. Consequently, you can also find happiness in your life by changing your attitude towards your everyday life.
Don’t fret on the things that have gone wrong in your life and consider the good a replacement for the problems you face.
We are strongly committed to one another and we know that our happiness doesn’t rest in the need for exotic get aways, while they are nice and we would totally go to an exotic location if given that the circumstances are right.
By default, there are life steps such as getting admission in school, college and then finding a job and then settling down. Don’t be in a hustle as marriage is a sacred institution and you must take it with extreme seriousness. Now that you have decided to settle down with your almost perfect partner, you must focus on leading a happy married life. Don’t leave any opportunity to celebrate special moments in your life and express your feelings by giving gifts or praising your partner or just hug to thank them for being an integral part of your life.
Take your partner, pick up all those tiny crystals of happiness and help your marriage stay strong for years to come.
You will be happy if you adopt the habit of noticing only the good things that come your way in life.
There comes a point in life where you would like to settle down and take important life steps so that you maintain and augment the happiness quotient in your relationship.

If you think your existing house can accommodate a newly married couple easily, then just go for simple renovation. No matter how busy you are in your career, never disregard the importance of your relationship and spare time for your partner.
Surprisingly though, as far as happiness in a marriage is concerned, it’s understood very similarly in most parts of the world.
Once you start accepting this fact, then you will be on the road towards peace within yourself.
You will find yourself with immense peace when you keep belief that everything will be ok in the end. Count your blessings and then the distressing things will start to gradually disappear from your life. If you feel disconnected with all the worries and stress when you spend time with your would-be partner and you think that it is not possible to live without them any further, then you have completely fallen in love. You must become habitual of each other’s presence in your lives and must experience marital life without baby for at least 2 years. Start saving in advance for meeting the additional family expenditure so that you don’t have to compromise on your comfortable life after the baby comes. Life becomes beautiful when you grab opportunities to share your happiness with your loved ones and then you will see how age just becomes a number. Moreover, happiness is usually under their noses but often people just don’t know where to look. Once you accept the things that you have, then you will be able to accept the goods and face the challenges of your marriage also.

Your life troubles will look small compared to those who were struck with natural disasters recently. The trick to being happy in life and your marriage is by getting into a habit of looking at the good things.
The feeling would be awesome if you grow old to see how madly you and your partner are in love with each other. First get your life sorted and start loving yourself so that you can share your happiness with the person whom you love the most. Try to know your would-be life partner’s family so that you gel easily with them and they too accept you warmly.
Purchase the rings by mutual consent as you will have to showcase it on your ring finger for the rest of your lives. Involve her in your planning and in the process, you will get to know what her opinions are about living together. You both must have the desire of having a baby or there may arise some disputes in your relationship.

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