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There is a pilgrim soul in all of us, an inner searching that continues throughout our lives For lack of a purpose, millions in despair seek refuge in unbridled consumerism, drugs, alcohol, crime or antisocial behaviour.
To address religion as simply a form of ritual and habit is to completely miss and denegrate the actual purpose of religion which is one of belief.
From times immemorial, man has striven to knowhis place in this bewildering world, find a direction and pursue a purpose higher than his own advancement.
It is with this core principle that I appeal to each and every one of you to promote it and make it a guiding principle in our daily life and activities to create a better world for all living beings and Mother Earth and join us to celebrate the Golden Rule Day and also to join hand with Karen Armstrong with her project on The Charter for Compassion which is the answer to most problem of our world.

Lala addresses these issues through the medium of great lives like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Schweitzer, Emperor Asoka, VinobaBhave, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Narayana and Sudha Murthy and others.
Recurrent personalities exist at the same time as the believers, but persist regardless of the life span of any one believer. He highlights the difference between ambition and purpose, career and purpose, andindicates how understanding this lies at the core of understanding oneself. Lala could have done great research on purpose but he failed in convincing me through this book.

This inspirational and motivational work shows how each of us can find a purpose satisfying to ourselves and meaningful to others.

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