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Before you can do anything significant in life, you have to find your purpose – at least that’s what the “experts” would lead us to believe. That thought process leaves us confused and wondering how to go about figuring out what our purpose in life is. So we run around, or maybe it would be better put that we sit around, looking for and trying to find our purpose making exactly zero impact on the world.
Finding your purpose isn’t something you do before you start having an impact on the world. The people that are making the biggest impact on the world, the people that are living a life of purpose started by with a set of goals and worked toward them. Most people have great intentions and want to live a life of purpose, but in doing so they don’t realize that they are using “I have to define my purpose first” as an excuse to do nothing.

They say once you find or define your purpose, you can start framing your life around that purpose. Worse yet, it implies that we might as well forget doing anything until we find our purpose. Clearly there are people that are living a life of purpose and having a huge impact on the world, but those people didn’t get to that point by sitting around trying to find their purpose. They think that they have to be 100% right about their purpose before they can start working toward it. Even if what you choose to do today doesn’t fit with your ultimate purpose doesn’t mean you have failed. It implies we can’t have a positive impact on the world until we find our purpose and that a true purpose in life doesn’t start until we find our purpose.

The striving toward and accomplishing goals is what will ultimately help you find your purpose. There are no rules that say once you set a goal or once you find a purpose that those can’t change. As you start making that impact your purpose will become more and more clear and more and more defined.

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