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A household filing system is a place to store papers against the time we'll need them again. Home office organizing just got a whole lot easier thanks to Psychotherapist turned entrepreneur Steve Thayer and his graphic designer wife Peggy Thayer for introducing such an exclusive Home Office Organizing Filing System. Their own experiences, and the keen desire to help others, prompted the Thayer's to utilize their professional and personal knowledge to create this exclusive Home Office Organizing system. Organizing essential documents in a proper order and dealing with a proper Home Office Filing system is a part of daily life. Share on Facebook Pin on Pinterest Google+ Twitter Email I’ve tried several filing systems and this is hands-down my favorite of them all. Another reason why I’m obsessed with this system is that it requires little maintenance.

Set up properly, a household filing system will allow users to find documents easily, and maintain and retrieve important papers in the future.
This colorful, ready-to-go Home Office Organizing system has some unique features not available with any other filing product currently on the market. It is an ultimate solution for those who want to get rid of the anxieties of regular filing problem. Their Home Office Filing system design features include: ease of use, color coded labels, zero assembly required, pre-labeled, among many others. For example, I know all of my tax documents and returns are in the blue section (blue = tax).
Just setting up a proper filing system can put an end to common problems such as which documents to keep and where to put them.

It takes the mystery and chore out of setting up a home filing system and makes it easy for anyone to have a place for everything.
With this system, there is ZERO need to re-create folders (create folders once and you’re done).

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