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Arrival ScanWhen a document arrives in an office that is using an electronic document management system, it is scanned using a bulk scanner. Document Management SoftwareSpecialized document management software is used to organize and store each individual file.
Electronic RoutingOnce the document has been scanned, the clerk can forward it to anyone within the organization for review.
Enhanced SecurityEvery electronic document can be protected using an enhanced security protocol similar to that used by banks. The Paper Tiger Blog contains great ideas on better ways to stay organized, clear your desk, reduce stress and spend less time managing information. With traditional filing systems, you only have the one or two keywords on the file folder tab. Since Paper Tiger doesn’t rely on filing alphabetically, new items are indexed into the first available open file folder.
Paper Tiger can also generate a file index so you can print out a list of all your files by name and keywords.
Whatever your motivation for getting organized – whether it’s to save time, eliminate clutter, increase productivity, or just find a better way to retrieve information – Paper Tiger Filing System software is a great tool. Trying a different way of filing or getting organized overall is sometimes a stumbling block for people, but we have so many that tell us they couldn’t live without Paper Tiger Filing System software. Many professions set their own legal guidelines for records retention, and you may have some unusual or extenuating circumstance in your life — so check with your accountant or attorney when creating a written policy for you and your business, as well as before pitching out any important legal, business, or financial paperwork when in doubt. Just as important, for the documents you need to keep, is knowing how to file it in a way that is organized, but makes it easy to retrieve in a moment when you need it again.
There are several things you need to think about when creating a document retention policy. As stated, “A document retention policy (DRP) provides for the systematic review, retention, and destruction of documents received or created in the course of business.
There is also a sample document retention policy from (this document will download to your downloads folder), that you might find helpful. You may have your employees help you create your document retention policy, or you may have assigned the job to a manager. Getting organized to better manage what you keep is imperative, whether it be paper files, contents of binders, or what’s in the file room or boxes in the basement, so that retrieving an item in a timely manner is efficient. Many companies have one or more administrative employees whose chief function is to manage company records, and is dependent on the person who knows the filing system.
One of the chief reasons companies still suffer inefficient filing systems is that every employee is different. Some statistics say that about 7 percent of all documents are lost or misplaced and have to be reproduced. And no matter how many people have access to your file cabinet, maintaining an organized and efficient filing system can be accomplished.
Paper Tiger is a file indexing system for your paper files or other physical items that has a search engine built in so that lost information is virtually eliminated in your home or office. Item Name is the descriptive name you input into your Paper Tiger database relating to a hanging folder or other item you are indexing. When you’ve indexed your items into Paper Tiger, and you need to find something later, you simply conduct a Google-like search in Paper Tiger’s database to find where the item is located.
It’s common knowledge that every document that comes into your office has to be managed in one of three ways. Using Paper Clips or Rubber Bands – Paper clips can leave a tangled mess of paper files when the clips catch on other files in the same folder, and they take up more room than necessary. Hanging file folder tabs – Placement of hanging file folder tabs can cause you to put off filing especially if you’re filing alphabetically and want your tabs to stay consistent in alignment. By avoiding these filing mistakes, you will be more organized and you will be able to more easily maintain your office.
Click here to download Paper Tiger Handouts by Meggin McIntosh mentioned in Meggin’s webinar.
Whether you work from home or your home office is a place where you pay the bills, read the mail and file paperwork, you should be able to actually work from your desk. There’s sports schedules and phone lists, papers to sign, health records, music books, report cards, and precious keepsakes that tend to pile up around the house.
After you’ve decided what paper files need to be kept, then index the keepers into your Paper Tiger Filing System database. Setting up Paper Tiger Filing System now will help you to eliminate clutter and get organized. According to management engineers, misfiled documents cost between $61-122 to be retrieved. There are all those paper files, mail to go through, magazines, books, training binders, DVDs and video games to straighten up. By implementing Paper Tiger filing system, you can type in all of those keywords and be able to find anything with a quick search in the database.
If you are seeking some calm in your life and work, have piles of paper that need to be organized effectively, or even if you have some big projects you want help getting launched, professional organizing and productivity experts can help. Using Paper Tiger Filing System software helps you with time management because you can always find what you need with little or no effort.
Click here to read the case study and learn how TB Alliance integrated document management for a reliable and customizable contracts administration process that saved over $22,000 annually, reduced document retrieval time by 50%, and reduced contract record setup time by 30%. THE WHYs Streamlining and automating contract lifecycle management and compliance with a cross-operational electronic document management system not only eliminates the worries of back-office operations, but also drives more efficient execution of mission goals.
The following is an account from an actual NGO whose document management system needed a little boost of digital efficiency. We've discussed the benefits of a document management system for business process improvement, and for the next few weeks we'll be posting real-world Nonprofit and NGO Success Stories.
To successfully achieve your mission’s potential reach and scope, you must understand what to look for in nonprofit document management software. Trying to keep track of and manage paper documents for over 100 employees and thousands of volunteers - across 12 locations - is difficult. This HR team knew they needed a solution that would allow them to easily access and share documents securely between locations without adding more applications and servers for their IT staff to maintain. Learn how Non-governmental organizations prosper from document management and workflow process optimization. We've also got the top 3 business drivers for adoption of document management software, customer success stories, insightful whitepapers, and more!
Tampa, Florida based Electronic Document Management Solution Provider specializing in document management, business process automation and records management.
I'm sure every freelancer with a year or more under their belt can tell a horror story about how they've lost files, contacts or other important documents because they weren't careful enough to back things up and make sure there was a security system in place for their business - myself included.

I've had a 2 section filing cabinet in my office for around a year now, and it's been a junk drawer for the entire time. I also bought my filing cabinet from Wal-Mart (I'm from the country, what do you expect - we love this place) for about $40.00 and it's been a great investment. Documents must be inserted into file folders and placed in an expensive filing cabinet, and office real estate must be set aside for their storage.
These tools simplify the storage and retrieval process by using powerful optical character recognition that reads the contents of each document.
You can clear stacks of paper files and other clutter without worrying if you will ever find it again when you put it out of sight.
But with Paper Tiger, you can input as many keywords as the file or item could be called or relates to, so you’re not limited to what fits on the tab.
The item number in your Paper Tiger database will match the number you place on the hanging file folder.
For example, you toss documents from one file folder, that file is open for the next new document or set of documents. Juggling your life activities can be overwhelming, but  Paper Tiger Filing System software is a great place to start with your quest for getting organized.
We recommend that you begin with the papers on your desk and index them into Paper Tiger’s database. See this article for more help on creating a record retention policy for document management. On the other hand, if you don’t have to keep documents for legal or tax reasons, and if you don’t have a good reason for keeping it, get rid of it.
See Customize Your Filing System With Paper Tiger’s Indexing Method for help getting started with an organized system for easy paper file retrieval.
We’ve found a great Guide to Creating a Document Retention Policy (this guide will download to your downloads folder), from the National Federation of Independent Business, in which you will find what a document retention policy is and why you need one, as well as a step-by-step guide to creating your policy, including identifying what types of documents you produce that needs to be maintained, suggested retention timelines, and how documents should be destroyed when time limit has expired. A DRP will identify documents that need to be maintained, contain guidelines for how long certain documents should be kept, and save your company valuable computer and physical storage space. Archiving document types with the same destruction date together in one box will make it easier when the time comes. Thousands of hours are literally eaten up with filing and then trying to locate specific information at a later date because the system used for document management is so inefficient or outdated.
People have their own thoughts about what filing should be, and their own way of managing and naming their files. When you invest the time to index your hanging file folders into your Paper Tiger database, everyone given access will be able to conduct a Google-like search to find what they need quickly, and just as important, also be able to know exactly where it should be re-filed. With Paper Tiger, you allow employees the access they require, according to your own policies, to use the software. You can keep your paper in its original form, (you do not have to scan it), and index the paper files that you need to keep in hard copy format. Documents relating to a topic already in file, can be placed in the same hanging file folder, and the item in Paper Tiger can be edited to add new keywords if necessary.
You can add, move, or delete items in your Paper Tiger database as needed to coincide with the action you’ve taken with the physical item, and a quick search in the database will tell you where they’re currently located, in case something needs to be retrieved later.
Having an indexed file management system is ideal because you can quickly and easily retrieve every document in the office you need for an impromptu meeting or conference call. If you have a filing system in place and are filing your paper documents, but you still can’t find anything, you may be making one of following mistakes that keep you from being as productive and efficient as you could be.
You will be rewarded with saving time and less stress for taking the time to index your paper files into Paper Tiger, because you’ll be able to find any file at the time you need it simply by searching the keyword that you input into the database previously.
An overstuffed file will only overwhelm and complicate your filing system, and can be costly if you need to purchase more file cabinet space.
Your organizing system paired with Paper Tiger Filing System Software for Document Management will keep your files organized and help you quickly find exactly what you need.
In a filing cabinet, create a hanging file for each child and keep any awards, report cards and other keepsakes in this file for the current school year.
When you need to retrieve an old project paper, you can search the database and you’ll know exactly which hanging file it was placed in.
Anything that you can put a number onto can be indexed in Paper Tiger Filing System so that when you need something, you can conduct a search for the keyword relating to the item and find it quickly, as well as where to return the item when you need to put it away. For each container, whether it be a box or hanging file folders in your desk drawers or filing cabinets, index or catalog each item by typing in item name and keywords into your Paper Tiger filing system database, including where the item will be stored. By implementing Paper Tiger Online filing system software, you can now clear the clutter and feel confident to put things in their own place.
Anything that you can put a number onto, you can index with your filing system software. Without an organized filing system in place, you can’t accomplish what you need to in a timely manner. This indexing system can be used to organize almost anything that is composed of multiple items, because anything that you can put a number onto, you can index into Paper Tiger.
You can get your filing cabinet from anywhere - IKEA, Office Max, or any stores in your local area.
Why not get more back ups of your files (hard drives, paper documents, ect) and take them over to their house for safe keeping. Once the document is scanned, a clerk assigns it a name, file number or other tracking code. This information is stored as part of the electronic file, making it possible to search the content of each document stored in the database. Locked filing cabinets are replaced with password-protected security systems that greatly reduce the chance of information falling into the wrong hands.
Paper Tiger Filing System software is a great solution for managing information, and enables you to file and retrieve hard copy documents, books, CDs, and other items – literally anything that you can put a number on – by using key words.
Then take one stack at a time, indexing into Paper Tiger and file what you need to keep, tossing or shredding what is not needed, and put actionable things in a daily or monthly tickler or follow up system. The fear of putting documents in the file cabinet instead of out where you can see it, can also be paralyzing when it comes to filing. You and your staff need to agree on a records retention policy as a guideline for the types of paper files you retain, how you want records kept and how long certain files should be kept. You would simply type in the information into the database relating to your paper files, or other physical items, to get organized so that you can find what you need when you need it, without time-wasting searches. Paper Tiger uses Locations to represent these places where you store the items you want to be able to find later. Using Paper Tiger Filing System Software, you can index anything that you can put a number onto, (see Not Just For Filing Paper), so you can find anything anytime! With Paper Tiger Filing System Software for Document Management, you can get organized quickly by indexing and filing the physical documents.

Paper Tiger’s flexible keyword indexing system frees users from dependence on others to locate files. Overstuffed file cabinets will also deter you from filing, so your filing cabinets will begin to look as bad as your stacks of files.
You can always create a new file for some of these documents if you think you will have other related documents.
With Paper Tiger, you never have to worry about what to name a file or creating a file name that is specific enough so everyone in the office can find it. Meggin does an awesome job in showing you pictures of all of the different things she has organized and relating those items back to what she has indexed in Paper Tiger.
At the end of the school year, simply take out the papers and file into their keepsake box.
Paper Tiger enables you to index physical items, and makes it easy to keep track of things. Using Paper Tiger Online filing system software takes all the confusion out of the equation, even if more than one person is using the system. If you need help, ask one of the productivity experts that can also help you implement Paper Tiger so you can clear clutter, and be able to find things quickly. On the contrary, it’s often the case that profitless processes – due to the countless stakeholders and key decision makers involved – require the most fine-tuning to their operational efficiency and document management. More and more NGOs and NPOs have made this possible by adopting a document management system across their various departments. Sending files to their varied locations meant duplicating, copying, and faxing large amounts of paper that quickly became unmanageable.
By doing this, I'm able to save any sketches I create for client website designs, save documents and files that I've had to sign and also keep track of bills and other various items that come in paper format. Because of these issues, many companies have moved toward an electronic document management system.
Employees can search for all documents from a particular client that contain certain key words or using any other variable. Human resources can be assured that sensitive information remains fully protected, while the sales department can store documents available to any employee.
This is a tremendous improvement over paper files, which could easily be destroyed by water damage or fire.
From our research, if you have any kind of business, (no matter the size or how many employees you have), you should definitely have a written policy for your document management and record keeping. The problem with that is there are too many paper files to leave out, and everything gets buried as the stacks grow and you lose it anyway. Inconsistency of records management and destruction can be portrayed by opposing counsel as selective or arbitrary destruction of documents and can lead to serious legal damage rewards.
There has to be a better way to organize your filing cabinets into a uniform, logical style that is standardized throughout your business, regardless of the size company you have!
Company name, common subjects, or other descriptions can be typed into your Paper Tiger database. For example, your Reference files Location might contain an index of all files in your 5 file cabinets of 4 drawers each, and Item #1 in Paper Tiger starts with the documents in the first hanging file folder in file cabinet 1, and end with Item #500 in with all documents indexed from the last hanging file folder in file cabinet 5. Take the time to create a new file, or find a relating file to place the miscellaneous document in or trash it; simple as that.
Each numbered hanging file folder tab will correlate to the item number in your Paper Tiger database. The keyword section allows you to type in as many ‘file names’ as you think you might need to be able to conduct a keyword search and find the document again when you need it.
Watch to learning more about the way Meggin has been able to file & find paper files, notebooks, boxes, etc. So the DVD numbered 45, would match what was indexed in Paper Tiger’s item number 45 for the DVD Location (DVD 45).
Any document can be immediately forwarded between employees, even between offices and territories. Keeping an entire copy of a document database off-site provides an excellent business continuity plan, ensuring key information is not lost due to a catastrophe.
Getting organized and improving the functionality in how you work can start with Paper Tiger’s simple indexing system. We have several certified Paper Tiger productivity experts listed on our website for you to choose from.
It’s virtually impossible to remember, so do yourself a favor and create a written policy for the types of records you create, paper or electronic. Use Paper Tiger’s File Cleanout Report to help you decide what needs to be tossed or moved to an archive location. If you have more papers in a related file than you can staple, consider using dividers such as manilla folders. When you need to move or trash a file, update your Paper Tiger database to reflect what you’re doing with that file, then that file folder and the correlating item number in Paper Tiger, becomes empty, ready for the next new document you need to file. Then inventory the file contents in your Paper Tiger database, or take a screen shot of the file list on your USB, then print, write the number of the correlating USB drive on the printed screen shot and put the print in a hanging file folder.
Each box would have an item number in your Paper Tiger database, and the contents of the box should be typed into the keywords section.
See Customize Your Filing System With Paper Tiger’s Indexing Method for help getting started.
Then index the name, author, and other pertinent information into the item’s keyword section in your Paper Tiger database. Take one stack of paper files at a time, and then one drawer at a time, indexing the items in your hanging file folders into Paper Tiger’s database as you go. Using Paper Tiger Filing System software will help you keep track of the paper files you decide to keep, but do not require action. When you need to retrieve an item, search your Paper Tiger database, and you’ll know where it is and what box number in seconds. Each employee that has access to the software can also add keywords that they relate to each document or set of relating files.
Simply edit the existing item in Paper Tiger and add additional keywords as necessary when you’re adding a file.

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