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Now you’re done and you can edit memory of your game, by the way there are other options in ProDG Debugger, you can add breakpoints, show disassembly, etc. All PS3 consoles feature at least two USB ports, which can be used to connect USB devices such as controller charge cables, external hard drives, and USB Memory Sticks. As with External Hard Drives, only a couple of steps are required to get the most from using your USB Stick with a PS3 console. Read on to find out what formats the PS3 supports, how to best organise folders on your USB stick, and more.

The PS3 supports copying data such as photos, videos, music and game save data to and from USB Sticks, in much the same way as it does for external hard drives, but with the added advantage of high portability due to the small size of USB Sticks. The vast majority of USB Sticks of or under 32GB capacity will already be FAT32 format, meaning they can be used directly with the PS3.
First is ensuring that your USB Stick is formatted to FAT32, as mentioned above, and second is the creation of folders so that the PS3 can better distinguish between types of media such as photos, videos, music etc. Some USB Sticks, particularly those with 64GB or greater capacity, will be in NTFS format and will need to be converted to the FAT32 format before being used with the PS3.

By creating these folders, the PS3 will automatically copy files of that type to the respective folder, and also the PS3 will be able to find files of each type easier if they are stored in the appropriate folder.
One last thing to consider is that you should never remove the USB Stick from the PS3 (or any device) while data is being transferred, as this can corrupt the USB Stick and cause loss of data.

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