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Push Up Position Row for a Strong Back and Strong CoreThe push up position row is a challenging advanced exercise of the week that will strengthen your back and core at the same time. Do Leg Lifts if you Love to WalkLeg lifts not only shape and tone your thighs but are a ‘Great for Walking’ exercise and the exercise of the week from Get in Shape for Free. Exercise of the Week to Work Your Back and CoreThis exercise of the week will work your back and core in 1 move. Burn More Calories with a Heart Smart Cardio ExerciseBurn more calories throughout your strength training workouts by incorporating this “Heart Smart Cardio Move” in between each exercise.
Increase Your Workout Intensity and Burn More CaloriesAdd this cardio exercise into your strength workout and increase your workout intensity, save time and burn a lot of extra calories. Cardio Interval Training – Increase Your Exercise IntensityUse this 30 minute cardio interval training routine with any kind of cardio equipment, inside or out to increase exercise intensity and burn more calories.

Strive for ProgressLove this fitness motivation quote – Strive for Progress not Perfection. Exercise and EndorphinsExercise and endorphins – Exercise increases your Endorphins and makes you Happy! Schedule Your Meals and SnacksDiet; including meals and snacks and exercise go hand and hand.
Exercise Equipment for Starting a Fitness ProgramExercise equipment to get if you are starting a fitness program.
Better Workouts and Better Results5 Tips for Better Workouts and Better Results Strength training is a critical component of every exercise program because it builds muscle. Use an exercise tube or band and it is the exercise of the week from Get in Shape for Free.

Use a barbell like this and it’s the Exercise of the Week from Get in Shape for Free. 20 minute heart pumping cardio intervals circuit is the Exercise of the Week from Get in Shape for Free. Great fitness motivation to help you keep up with your exercise routine from GetinShapeforFree. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.

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