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This is just one story of one girl in the world who is in my school, but I know that stuff like this is happening everywhere. My dream is to work on the challenge of helping kids belong and help change the thinking about how all kids are included in our schools. So sad to hear about your child I have the same with my daughter – took her out of school 2 weeks ago.
I would like to know more about your background that gives you the insight to write such an essay.
As the parent of a son with special needs, speaking from experiences that my son had in school you are absolutely right in so many ways.

For most of my school life in my old town, I was paying close attention to my classmate, Eleanor. I was so impressed with Harriet’s essay I asked her if I could share it with The Art of Autism. From what Harriet describes I think the school needs training on effective inclusion techniques.
It takes nothing away from Harriet to say that her essay indicates that she has adults in her lives who have made her aware of how inclusion is supposed to work.
In fact, it was that very day that I first contacted SWIFT Schools and offered to write my first blog, as I wanted to share her story.

You may find that high school and university are a little boring, as you are quick to pick things up, but law school is a challenge I have heard.

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