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Of her debts, which included credit cards, student loans, and a personal loan from her parents for college tuition and expenses, Newell Jones first felt the sting of her credit cards. Newly married and eager to be out of debt once and for all, Newell Jones chose a drastic course of action: a year-long spending fast. And it was significant: Over the course of 12 months, Newell Jones paid off about $18,000 of debt.
Only three months into her spending diet, she paid off another $5,600 in debt and was completely debt-free. The best way to make the most of your monthly content is to find ways to reuse it and repurpose it. We didn’t quite make that deadline, but 12 months later, we were completely debt free.

When you set a goal to pay off your all debt, you first need to assess how much money you can contribute to debt repayment every month. When you pay off one debt, that frees up money that you can now use to tackle the next debt down the list. Working with a debt consolidation agency can take you up to seven years to get out of debt. Debtors are more apt to work with our negotiators than ever before, because they want to receive a payment. Know which pieces your audience responded to and are use that information to create content topic ideas for this month. I happily made my credit card and auto loan payments every month without thinking twice about them.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that you should go out and spend hundreds of a dollars at the mall for paying off $100 of your debt. Together, we made a plan we hoped would eliminate our debt before the birth of our new baby. If you can get $18,000 for a trade-in, and find a $10,000 car on the lot, you just came into $8,000 to help you pay off debt. Make eliminating debt your number one priority and sign up with our debt relief services today.

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