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Wolfing down your food and eating until your seams are straining could double your risk of becoming overweight, Japanese researchers have found. They also report that the link between the eating behaviour and overweight remains the same no matter what the actual calorie intake from the food itself. Co-author of an accompanying editorial, Dr Elizabeth Denney-Wilson, says the study provides more evidence that eating behaviours themselves are a significant promoter of 'positive energy balance' - the situation where energy intake is higher than energy spent - and may be contributing to the current obesity epidemic. Part of the problem is that humans are not very good at knowing when to stop eating, says Denney-Wilson, research fellow at the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, University of New South Wales in Sydney. The researchers suggest these unhealthy eating habits are not necessarily there from birth but instead appear to be learned, or taught.

While this is not the first study to suggest a link between fast eating and overweight, Denney-Wilson says the cultural context of the study is particularly surprising, as the Japanese are generally considered to be more 'social' eaters compared to those in Western nations, where fast food is so readily available and eaten.
Eating too quickly overrides the Leptin signals sent to the brain, tricking the body into thinking it’s still hungry. Based on my personal observations, we spend about 15 to 20 minutes eating our main course, a stark contrast when compared to the 90 minutes it takes an average French native to dine. As pointed out by Dr Weill in his blog post, eating fast may be the underlying reason for obesity. Researchers have demonstrated that if one eats fast, the mind does not have the time to comprehend that one has indeed eaten enough.

Dimly lit tables overflowed into the thoroughfare, filled with the locals and tourists, eating, drinking, and enjoying the Paris nightlife. While drastically changing your eating habits will definitely show on the scale, the real challenge is sustainability in keeping those pounds off.

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