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So realistically, you should change your double edge razors every week, and your cartridge razors every two weeks. So, in a year period (52 weeks) you’re going to use 52 double edge blades, and 26 cartridge razors.
Notice that your first year annual double edge razor cost is actually less than your upfront cost because your pack of 100 blades will last you over a year.
In conclusion, as you can see, not only will the double edge razor give you a better shave, but it will come out much cheaper in the long run once the extreme differential in blade price catches up to the extreme differential in the one-time payment of the razor body.
I have been using the same double-edge razor since I was a teenager and I’m now 64 years old. It seems that collectively society knows on some level that these multiblade cartridges are a bad deal. All that these larger shaving product companies are doing Casey is cashing in on men’s ignorance when it comes to shaving.
Cartridge blades are responsible for many of the problems that men encounter such as razor burn and ingrown hair therefore, when you combine the superior cosmetic affects with the overall costs, DE razors win hands down!
I had always figured the market had moved away from safety razors because they weren’t as good as cartridges but it turns out this impression was wrong, dead wrong.

It’s possible to have an even lower starting cost with double edge safety shaving too.
Cartridge – Assuming my preferred Mach 3 and a free handle, plus 4 cans of gel annually, total cost for one year is ~$225.
Also notice that shaving cream and any brushes are not included in this formula because you would use these regardless of your shaving method. And though arguably not a cost saving, you can recycle double edge razor blades, whereas cartridge razors create a lot of unnecessary, non-biodegradable waste. All blades can cut hair, but if you use a double edge razor you will come away with less irritation and razor burn because you’re not eating up your skin with 5 blades, when you could get it done with 1. I can still get blades for it and it still performs better than any cartridge razor I have tried. My step dad gave me a can of shaving cream and some disposable razors and let me figure it out. I also know people who go for months without changing a cartridge razor, which is going to give you a terrible shave and bad razor burn. If you stick with the stainless steel or chrome double edge bodies, they will last you a lifetime.

I laughed when Saturday Night Live did a fake ad for triple bladed razors in response to the introduction of double bladed disposable razors.
Unfortunately the marketing forces behind them are very strong and almost all the men’s shaving shelf space in retail stores are dedicated to them. Each one, a testament to your shaving, will probably have a longer life span than the Parthenon! However, the most accessible method of shaving, what you can pick up in the grocery store, is usually not the best way of going about a good shave.
Also, double edged razor blades are not allowed on planes, which means you would need to check your luggage.

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