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I have spent years building our business, so I know that what we can do in 40 hours a month, is not the same as what someone just starting out can do in that same timeframe.
I’ve even found myself ogling over other sellers payments from Amazon, and I have to check myself because my business is exactly where I want it to be right now. I have one part time job in addition to Amazon and half my earnings from both are re-invested and the other half go to our family expenses.
There are still items that do not sell quickly, that I have to unexpectedly lower the price on or hold until Q4, so the higher ROI inventory is more important at this stage than the high volume, lower ROI products. Sometimes when looking at the sellers who post their high numbers it can be easy to get discouraged if you are not there yet. Share your success, but please add some sort of teaching with it to not discourage all of those who are trying to follow.

Kevin pointed out that one number (ie: monthly sales) only tells a small part of the whole picture and is certainly not a number with which to compare our whole business.
Hope u have noticed that I have not proclaimed those words to be mine, having said that, I wish to clarify that the description below the thought are my original.
Another big factor in my limited payouts was the fact that I did not have a huge chunk of seed capital and my husband and I have worked very hard to pay down our debt and are not willing to accrue more, so this is a cash only business. There are sellers who have the ability to invest 100% of their earnings back into inventory but for me and many others, this is just not realistic. As a motivational speaker and author, I try and fall back upon that with a good quote when I don’t necessarily have a quick answer.
This Bible verse may not say exactly what I want it to, but it does address the issue of comparing ourselves to others.

I do love to read about how others are doing in their businesses because it gives me so much hope and motivation but I have to admit sometimes it does make me feel like I am not doing something completely right.
There is nothing wrong with this model – after all, they just made $1 more than if they had sat at home, binge watching their favorite TV program. My model allows me to take some time for myself, to read a book every now and then, (though not during 4Q – all bets are off then!) and to work from the comfort of my own home.

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