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You sit down with your Meditation Machine and put on the comfortable headphones and light-stimulation glasses. You select a deep meditation program and after a few seconds you hear soothing pulses through the headphones. Within a few minutes you are in a deep meditative state and you feel the tension and anxiety seep away as a profound sense of well-being flows through you. Meditations machines help with a wide range of conditions, including sleep problems, stress, and energy boosting.
Meditation Machines are small, light, highly-portable machines that use pulses of light and sound through headphones and special glasses. In fact, with only fifteen or twenty minutes use of a Meditation Machine, you can start to achieve the same deep, mental state as a Zen monk.
Meditation Machines use a sophisticated form of audio and visual technology that uses light and sound to guide you gently and automatically into a deep state of mind and body.
A Mind Machine consists of a small control unit (about the size of a smart phone), a set of headphones and special glasses that contain small LED lights. We're giving away three amazing guided visualisations with every Meditation Machine - Deep Relaxation and Meditation, Developing Your Intuition and Manage Stress & Anxiety. When you start to use a Meditation Machine, you will quickly experience the proven benefits of deep relaxation and meditation. Of course, Meditation Machines are not intended as replacements for medical or psychological treatment.
I had attended a meditation course a little while ago, but had been unable to get anywhere. Within each Meditation Machine description page you'll see details of what each machine is ideally used for, differences between machines, and testimonial comments from customers who have used that particular machine.

If you're not sure which Meditation Machine will be best for you, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. The type of mind machine where you place visual stimulation glasses or eye pads over the eyes are quite popular, each to their own if you like this sort of hemmed-in feeling. By all means, these machines cannot harm you, but nothing can come close to the traditional methods used to derive benefits from meditation. I believe that successful meditation stems from using a good breathing method and resetting of bio-rhythms by as naturalistic methods as possible. One program I highly recommend, and without me receiving any remuneration from the company (and not available on the Meditation Courses) concerned is the emWave PC Stress Relief System. Preparing your body and learning how it works when reaching a meditative state is of great advantage when setting out to meditate.
Yes, self-hypnosis is a great tool to be able to control your coherence levels, and what I really like about it is that you have to work at it and the interaction between you and 'yourself'. If you're running multiple machines, you only need to kill the one process associated with the machine you wish to destroy.
For a limited period with each Meditation Machine we are including a FREE four week 'Concentrate Your Mind' course worth ?25. Use the easy-to-follow exercises during your Meditation Machine sessions and start to see amazing results in in a few days.
Now Meditation Machines at very affordable prices provide the means to unlock your incredible potential for relaxing, learning, healing, remembering, creating and so much more. The various areas of your brain begin to integrate into one whole, harmonious unit as experienced by masters of meditation.
Mind Machines have many different types of sessions built into them for relaxation, meditation, stimulation, creative visualisation and so on.

Thousands of research studies indicate that meditating for as little as fifteen or twenty minutes a day promotes improved mental and physical health and well-being. Plenty of interaction and using your initiative and willpower is far more successful in achieving states of deep meditation and relaxation. I know many of you reading this newsletter have stressful lives at work, then you come home and all the usual chores of the day hit home! I have one of these systems which I demonstrate on my Meditation Courses, and I get the group to gather around as we watch one of the course delegates use it. If you can readily understand what you have to do in order to begin meditation then you will easily achieve a meditative state. Once you are able to control your coherence levels with self-hypnosis then you are well on your way to making inroads into successfully entering the meditative state.
In this way, Meditation Machines can slow down brainwaves gently guiding you to deeper, meditative levels of mind..
There are some reportedly good ‘mind machines’ available, but one in particular tickled my fancy! Once you are able to take back control of your coherence levels then that is when you are able to practice meditation successfully.

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